Amazon Prime reward

Anyone else feel like the prime rewards are a bit… underwhelming

Don’t want to complain too much as it is free but this is a game that Amazon is directly involved in compared to the rewards of some other games that they are not, feels a bit lacking, or is it just me?

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You are complaining.

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I am…

We might be too spoiled already :smiley:

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Sorry I missed the “complain too much”. You are complaining too much.
What do you expect from this monthly reward? I know you are paying for Prime (me 2 by the way) but you also get other stuff for your payment besides free game stuff.

I feel like its a bit lack luster

its not free and im glad they dont give more rewards for that because i dont want to feel forced to sub amazon prime just for the ingame rewards. its already bad enough as it is

The time i decided to use Amazon Prime Lost Ark wasn’t even a thing. So I consider this free additional rewards. But you are right… if the rewards are too good people may be forced to use Prime and then will complain because Amazon forces them to get the shiny rewards.

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The orca skin i got from the crystals is one of the best things i have in game so i dont agree at all… the tiger seems pretty dope as well…

I wanted to make a thread about this yesterday already and yes, I agree!

I do have Prime for other reasons than gaming, but when I heard LA is going to be a part of it, then I did expect skins, pets and other cosmetics. Instead, we are getting stuff we are getting anyways by playing.

They could at least give us Royal crystals, so we can buy skins ourselfs.

I am truly disappointed about Amazon in that regard, they give out so many skins for New World, they should do the same with LA.

The shards you get are pretty rare to be honest. You need to be very selective about what you take for the amount you have. The stuff you can get from them is also pretty good. Maybe they will extend the shard shop and that was their plan. But if this is the plan many will complain because you will get pretty exclusive stuff there.


I advice you to check in game the price in crystals of 5 legendary rapport chest = 1 relic chest.

Get in addition 140 crystals for 5 cristaline aura days

Then comes the amethysts.

Sum it up and tell me your opinion (comparing to what it could have cost with real money also).