Amazon release everything

1st of all im F2P player i have 1385 main and could push for more if i want to ( have the mats )
but the game after doing the weekly stuff have no more content
delaying content because some whinny people in forums isn’t solution
amazon will never be able to make people happy

dear amazon
we need more endgame content

make us repeat Hard mode for different type of rewards
make us can repeat argos too
make hardmode out of the old tiers dungeons
better matchmaking for pvp please
release the ark pass
release class each month and make pull to see which classes people need 1st in twitter and forums
make guardian runs once per day for double mats it is boring boring boring to do everyday
i want more content for endgame
i would love to see start of the next month the destroyer with the raid open up and end of may to get more content for casual play
i enjoy the content in game atm
but i want more



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You can do the majority of what you are asking already by having multiple chars at 1370+.

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im not the type of player that enjoy alot of alts
not my thing i choose main and stick with it

Play the same class? I heard people enjoy that.

For me the it’s really nice to have multiple chars here, didn’t enjoy that in other game. I only do Guardians rested, so that is also one of your points.

But sure, more endgame content is needed and will come next month.

nope the making alts things is about repeating same story etc is boring + the honing i have lancer and mage feels good to play them but it is boring to do the story multiple times ( wont spend this amount of gold to get past story whenthere is no way to recover the gold ingame atm ) everything is so cheap making gold is damn hard .

the point of alts is to gather consistent income over time. If you are f2p there are no other options you need alts.

absolutely no one from amazon reads these forums or cares
they are busy counting their money from the human money farm called lost ark
that people hate to play but still throw money at it

good luck im on your side

they read it and answer from time to time
even for the whales they need content to maintain them .

they have like 2 CM’s whos job it is to calm the forums down
relay tiny pieces of information
and use excitement marketing to make us spend money

More content at end game is to make alts and repeat. That’s how the game design. There’s quite ALOT to do in the game rn. Are you sure you’re doing it all? Chaos gate? Rifts? Islands? The game reward people from playing alts. But you refuse to do it then cry about no content.

Why do people think its so easy to run a mmo these days. “You can just do this and that to make your player happy ya know?” This is not a small 10 people private server fyi.

They’re not going to dramatically change the game to accommodate you. That’s not how it works. Also, this should go in game feedback.

they already changing stuff according to player base and they said it themselves (amazon ) most of the players go for main char with no alts to feed the main materials
and this is not huge changes it is reusing the content and making more content available after doing the weekly the stuff there is nothing to do buy daily chaos dungeons and some here and there events .
so im not asking according to me alone it is according to their own statement .

They know how far along things are in development, and what bugs need to be ironed out. They have data and analytics that helps them make decisions, as well as gamers, developers, and experienced industry professionals to guide them. There are entire teams of people working hard to satiate our appetites. Patience is a virtue.

The game was released 2 months and 4 days (precisely 63 days) ago.
The content exists in Korea and Russia, we know it’s coming.
Not everyone hit 1385 ilevel, and you’re far from 1415 and then from entering legion raids.

Can we just all take a deep breath and chill the f*ck out?

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You mean give us any content instead of milking us for almost nothing at this point Ya ok here is a new class we will call that “content” o and maybe a new area stripped of its only real rewards the chaos dungeons from south vern. K cya next month at the end of it for the next bit of almost no content.

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People stopped climbing and play the alt game make cash or whatever reason. If people didn’t stop climbing they would be 1385 after 4 weeks of the free vendor.

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they already delayed content because the backlash of players in the forums about releasing argos which is easy raid wont take more than 1 hr weekly . there is no reason for me to push 1415 atm there is only argos … i have more 6k crystals ready to push gear 2k for weapon in my bags but there is no content to even bother with …

Besides the repeating content I am totally for that, later on when you have multiple alts and the content is out having to repeat content on multiple chars is just 2 much.

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i log in on every Thursday completely the weekly una task to get the tokens, buy the mats from the boat, etc then don’t bother logging in for the rest of the week, there is no point rushing there is nothing waiting at “end game” for me to do except 1 raid and levelling up life skills