Amazon release everything

yes thats true, but not that fast and not ALL

The problem is if we get it to fast or all at one time, we split the comunity so hard, the 1% will be allone at the top, the next 10% behind them (semi hardcores thinks its fine) and then comes the 80% player base where the most people are, are like 1000 km or miles behind the top 11% get frustrated and think to get there you need to spend money or need to play 6-8 Hrs a day.
And thats not good. Right now the 11% are like just 500m ahead and thats fine, so we are close and every body is okey with it.

And the last 9% of the player base are the new ones or the people that play like just 1-2 Hrs a week and they dont even know all of them above and they life in ther happy bubbel