Amazon released another pack, egg pet

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Compare to other games that has Amazon Prime incentives, this was quite weak. It’s a rare grade pet and not even epic grade so only 1 pet skill :unamused:
Gonna need Amazon to pick up their game seriously. Please.

Wait, what?

Pet quality affects the amount of stat buffs?

Please tell me you can at least choose between offensive and defensive boon on the single skill one!

Not a big deal to me. Just use it in town or easy content and/or send it on missions with your fellow pirates and use an epic one when doing harder content. That’s it.

2 busy banning people from the sounds of the forums

I know this post was made with salt, but I am very happy with my new egg friend c:

I think my wife would love this pet. Just gotta see if Finland can get a free trial for Prime Gaming. Even if I have to enter my credit card info for it, which seems likely!

Cute pet, no combat stat effects though.

How many Amethyst Shards does it come with?

Cute. Only 1 set of effects instead of 2 like the other pets though. Still, I like it. It’s silly lol

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It’s okay to have pets for collecting and fun.

unfortunately it seems the egg only has the hit point one. It doesn’t have secondary stat bonus.


Not 100% sure but think we woud be able to add combat effect to this pet like other pets.

Havn’t done it but the pet tweaking thing I think is for any pet.

What is annoying to me, is that AGS is going to release skins for Prime users only…

There are people like myself who can’t get prime, and don’t want prime… We also want new content and are willing to pay for it.

I suppose they have decided that making people buy into prime gives them the best amount of money.

I say this is wrong… they will make more money in the shop, not prime.