Amazon server capacity(Did they really lower it like what they did in new world?)

How are we getting 5k-8k queues on all servers in na west + 1 server in na east with only 560k players playing at the moment, Lost ark peaked at 1.3m at server release and not all of those servers are getting ridiculous queue numbers like this.

I heard from a friend that amazon also did this on their previously failed game new world. A single new world server can hold 2k players at max capacity but we are getting queue timers with only 600 players playing in our server.

Amazon please stop cheaping out on the resources you have as you are literally destroying another triple a game because of your publishing issues.

Yeah, they do this because their servers suck donkey balls and can’t handle the load. AWS are horrendous server solutions. They aren’t limiting server capacity because it’s trying to help combat botting. They’re doing it because once they get past a certain amount of people the servers take a shit and people start getting dc’d, crashes, choppy frame rates, and the list goes on.

I have no idea how servers work but as far as I can see, It absolutely makes no sense having all west servers and some East servers on queues with only 500k players playing atm when they were able to support 1m players at launch.

There was a CM post like a week ago saying they were dealing with unstable servers on NA west by lowering capacity which is why queues started popping up even on low population servers. Around that time, there was 2k+ queue each day on Akkan which was previously low pop. The queue completely went away for a few days, and this morning there’s a 7k queue. I assume this is still from them adjusting server capacity for instability.