Amazon should improve it's content presentation method on NA Lost Ark Website

I was just curious as to why Amazon (if possible legally) didn’t just use/get permission for the use of Korean website of lost ark and its layout/presentation of content from Smilegate, kind of how it does with the in-game news/content loading screens? They could just edit it a bit to fit release windows/dates and news for NA lost ark as well as just translate parts into English and remove parts of content and it’s respective pages which we don’t have yet. The NA website is just bland and boring to me and doesn’t get me excited for content or presents said content/info as good or exciting as the KR website, also things like the skin showcase just not being as well done as the KR one (ours tends to be just a few pics to even just one sometimes, while KR get whole pages designed specifically for skin/content with interactions to see each skin and weapons or content at hand) and so much more. Was curious as to what people’s opinions are and whether they agree or disagree just curious honestly. Since the games launch I loved the idea of getting the games news/content presented the same way or very similar to KR lost ark. (News tabs themed around content, BP/Skin trailers with their respective websites and interactive Skin showcases like on the KR website, etc) here are links with examples comparing the two with the nice and tidy skins as the specific example of these differences in their presentation. I’m aware it’s Not something super serious or urgent but just thought I’d bring in some genuine criticism with the hopes Amazon sees this and potentially uses KR website to help the lost ark NA content/news presentation experience and overall game reception experience as a whole.




I requested the same about 8 months ago or so (after LOAON Summer 2022)… nothing happened. I doubt they will ever do it


Many of us asked for similar things a ton 8 months ago or so like @Rraven points out. We were pretty much ignored. There were some minor improvements to patch notes but overall everything is just text walled. We know they have a PTR so in-game screenshots at a minimum would be do-able even if they didn’t do all the extra videography that KR does. AGS hasn’t improved their hype marketing since launch. There’s ads here and there, but anything to hype players themselves for patches is pretty non-existent. I think they’re relying on us self hyping because we can see what KR has and most of the streamers and youtubers do it for them. Why spend the extra cash on it.


Even something simple like updating the forum banner with something related to the latest content patch released would be nice, as opposed to the same banner that’s been there since the start.

both are meh so dont get point
Lost Ark looks to be made with Mobile cell phone interaction w.e. marketing term called

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You can find them both as meh that’s fine. If you noticed I also did mention getting the KR content deliverance to the NA community exactly or very similar to the KR lost ark would be great to which would involve presenting the content like KR (trailers, better skin previews, themed content pages, etc) so just upgrading in general which Im pretty sure we could both agree would be great, Nothing wrong with improving LA experience, I’d say it something we should be striving for.

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To be fair, there’s little reason why SG isn’t sharing resources with AGS so they can leverage existing content already in the KR website. As it is the global website and content release are completely siloed experiences from KR which makes little sense. Whatever AGS does with things like skin releases, class reveals and raid overviews is just wasteful duplication that yields an inferior product every time - seeing as AGS aren’t the experts when it comes to in-game content.

We can rake AGS over the coals for their poor presentation all we want but SG’s non-existent communication outside of KR means they’re happy to pawn off all the global work to AGS and continue to hold them to a low standard. You cannot forget that fundamentally, the SG shown no evidence of giving even the smallest of shits about the global experience.

Wait no, I lied - SG does care about the global experience being objectively worse than KR. They’d rather get no money from legendary skins or mileage content globally than risk even the slightest outrage in KR, and the only direct communication we’ve ever had from them was telling us we wouldn’t get 4th anniversary freebies.

Bottom line is, the work AGS does reflects the bare minimum they must do to uphold their contractual obligation as publishers. They are due to release competing MOBAs later in the year. If SG doesn’t expect any better it’s their loss because the game will go in a death spiral in global as AGS shifts resources to Blue Protocol and Throne & Liberty. And that’s just the in-house competition.

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Lesson learned never ever play a game published by Amazon again.
It’s disgusting how much of a clusterfuck they are as a publisher.


Depends if devs are learning from working with AGS.

At the end of the day, they’re but an arm of a megacorp beholden to shareholders from all over the world. The bottom line is the only thing that matters, and AGS isn’t a core part of Amazon itself. As long as they’re making money they’re fine, but when they’re not they get on the chopping block quickly like the layoffs being made just now.

The AGS advantage is their overwhelming publishing reach via Amazon’s other businesses (i.e. e-commerce via core business, streaming via Twitch, etc.) while having the computing infrastructure to support global playerbases. You want market access and scalable computing, AGS has them. But they aren’t going to polish the game or even wrap them nicely. They’ll get the game from Point A to Point B. You sign a publishing deal expecting them to do more without you having to advocate for yourself, it’s your own fault.

Have you quit this game yet?

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best one is for Taiwan one. web design is perfect. otherwise kr is same as amazon, they give a road map and for big content like legion raid 1 week before release date they announce the content same as akkan. no one knows until one week before run they have to be 1600 for hard mode. Best presentation is for RU, from start of each month they start announcing about content of the month.

@ciel I agree was interested in blue protocol as well as throne and liberty but after Amazon picked them up I lost interest.

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@alix3951 interesting perspective, I haven’t checked those out, I’ll give em a look here at some point.

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u mean you lost interest because majority of your time will be picking up grass to increases item lvl harvesting lol OK buddy

what happened with the 1970/1/1 ban ?

I posted the same thing a while ago asking for better skin/website presentation and @Roxx deleted it for no reason.
Frankly it requires some type effort beyond slapping a wall of text that takes 10 minutes to write so they won’t do it.
It’s just sad

I have, brother and sister haven’t.
Don’t know which one you’re trying to communicate with since IDK you.

It’s still there :rofl:
Funny thing about that the same guy (Andy H) unbanned/reduced the sentence of a previously permanently banned RMTer. You can’t make this shit up for reals.

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xDDD nice comment, taste of his on medicine

yeah it is known that they are less harsh about rmting and cheating than toxic behaviors and slurs
but I saw someone in steam forums that reverted his ban after 27 support tickets (for toxic behavior)

Not gonna bother, thought it through and with this publisher it’s waste of time and effort. They did me a favor in the end so it’s gucci.

@CasualREDeathBlade loll I have no idea what you are talking about, and how it relates to me losing interest with future Amazon published/created games.