Amazon STOP whatever you are working on RIGHT NOW

And take care of the BOT problem. It should be your number one priority at this point in the game. If you do not take care of it your game is going to die. If you care DO THIS.


They are busy delaying classes and working on next patch


I’d rather they work on getting the raids out faster.

I couldn’t care less about bots. I play on NA East, never any queues, material prices are falling every day, game runs smooth as butter on my 3090 and 980 Pro SSD.


lol why mention gpu, acting like other people don’t have good gpu’s, hell some people be playing on a 3090ti

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well it’s not their game and they’re not the ones working on dealing with the bots either so… either way this sucks big time.

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We do have teams that have been consistently working on this issue. These are not necessarily the same teams that craft content updates or builds, so you will see these things continue as well in the meantime.


was there an update to the anticheat that may start detecting the botters and cheaters in general? perhaps RMT users? also do the RMT users actually get - gold after they buy it from the website? cause in the russian version they get - gold and they must repay it which means they gain no + gold anymore if they earn it by doing content whatsoever. will we actually have that at some point too?


wait until the bots leave the west and come east. Then you will care.


Why won’t you lock the servers, what are you scared of, you did it at launch and refused to reopen them but caved, now you refuse to lock them. Boot the bots lock the servers and figure out a validation method to create a new accounts. This will restore the servers back to how they are supposed to be.


Pipe dream at this point. They have the cm’s blowing smoke on the forums telling you how much they are working on it but they aren’t doing anything.


They even had flocked to NA East Una before already. Had 4-5k queue for a week but they must have not done as well as NA West because fortunately they did not return yet.


You’re smoking a fat pole if you think they’re going to lock the servers before the big juicer summer event and hyper express.

They locked the servers during the biggest event in LA, called launch.


Someone said that there are a lot of the IT ppl who make 200k a year in Cali being the driving force behind RMT in the west…not sure if that is true or if it is SEA players or rich chinese buying it off poor Chinese.

Anyways…the way this game is setup is a good example for any other studio to NOT do.

Did you not read multiple posts on here this forum, that Smilegate seemingly using the steam chart numbers to PR this game success in the west …

So if that is real - Sorry I cannot read Korean, but the translation is there… I don’t see why AGS would want to eliminate the bots for good to show the real player count, which is around 100K by the way…

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Yes, please just press the “fix all bots” button. Then you can continue whatever you were doing.

I don’t get it.
Just play at your own pace.

Why do you care about other’s progression?
Not like they are affecting your experience.
They cannot dominate you in PvP.
They just run around doing nothing.

Btw I have no queue on my server.

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<3 your response by the way LOL… I do…

Maybe, they will become smart enough, you know one day, be able to dominate in “PVP” too . Then it is 700K VS 100K haha