Amazon support is controlled by bots

Amazon support is controlled by bots, I literally uploaded the same video to 10 amazon support ticket, the video still had 0 views. The video proves that the game disconnected me in phase 3 of Argos and when I came back it was already over and I lost the entry. The funny thing is that if the person presses alt+f4, they will receive the ticket, now whoever tries to return doesn’t receive it.

Another thing, no cybersecurity sector will keep the player’s logs, if the person sends a video that PROVES they were disconnected, they should at least OPEN the video before giving ctrl+c and ctrl+v.


Yep I was treated the same way. They are pretty terrible support.

bot are invading not only LA but amazon too.

They outsource their support and use automated macros for responses, it is what it is

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They dont even have acces to the game, they use a webinterface with pre-scripted buttons

Yes they clearly use the cheapest outsourced support service and give them zero power. Pray you never have to interact with them.


Last time i needed them, I knew what was f*cked, I knew the solution, and what they needed to do. I tryed to explain, clear and nicely, alot, after 3 tickets : 2 mail, 1 livechat with support and a forum post, they finaly did what should have taken litteraly less than 3min.