Amazon Support Lottery

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This will some general information regarding the amazon support ticket lottery. 11 days ago i was banned during the massive “1 MILLION BOT BAN WAVE” cited for commerce lock refunding. This is not a post asking to be unbanned this is simply to show the rest of the people out there that if you get banned for any reason this is what you can look forward to. Commerce lock is due to you having an item that someone refunded or if you ever refunded anything even before game launch you will have been hit with it. If you bought a skin from the AH and it was refunded by someone else you will also have been caught up in that.

The next part is about the actual appeal process and the absolute absurdity of it. It is complete RNG whether someone looks at your ticket or not. My current ticket has been active since the 4th and up untill now i have avoided coming to the forums for attention or going to social media for attention but it seems like that is the only way to get it seen. Below are all of the “useful emails” i have received from them

Next up we have the amount of spam and confirmation emails you get from amazon if you send them emails asking for updates or the general status of your ticket. They are always marked as “We received your appeal” even though it was a simple email asking for information.

Live chat is another animal entirely. Some agents will actually try to help (maybe 5%) and the others will state they have no tools to help you which is in fact a lie. Some times you get a response like this

Other times you get this

We are here left to play this never ending lottery if we do it the correct way. The correct way being put in your ticket and wait. 11 days in and someone just simply needs to look at my steam transaction screen shots which have been sent multiple times because somehow they never actually get attached by a live agent unless you get a decent one.

In summary i would love to be back in the game with everyone giving out bubble shields in guardian raids and being the support pally i love but it seems i have not drawn the correct lottery numbers yet. I will forever be rooting for the people wrongly banned to get back in and congrats to all that got theirs overturned. I hope everyone has a wonderful time in game and play safe. Dont talk to much in area chat, that could get you banned, if a gold seller PMs you that could also trigger their system and ban you. Stay within your guild and avoid randoms to give yourself the best chance of staying unbanned.

I wish you all the best and i hope to be back soon.


Some of those live chats are amazing. Its quite silly that most those wrongly banned are still banned even with proper evidence. It shouldnt take this long to fix the issue


Wholeheartedly agree , I too had the “pleasure” of playing the lottery. After first ban appeal rejection which in itself was ridiculous because they claimed they will take 48 to 72 hours for a thorough review on the NEW evidence I kept getting these ridiculous automated replies and “sincere” apologies I am still wrongfully banned.

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I to have been told " just 24 more hours". The system really needsnto be improved

they tell you, you are banned for commerce lock,
you appeal it successfully with proof from steam
after you proof in a long and painful process that you never refunded anything,
they change the ban reason but say “sorry, verdict is final”

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The best part is when you get different emails stating defferent reasons. Ive been told inappropriate name also after 5 fays of appealing lol

They make millions and can’t hire a decent support staff. If any CMs read this that are gamers you should be ashamed. Why do people have to come here to fix their bans? Trash support.

This is having a knock on effect on others too
For instance
I dont want a ban
I dont chat in any of the chats due to the issue of groups mass reporting just for the hell of it
I dont buy stuff from the AH incase its an item that the person selling it has just refunded through steam (how the fuck would i as a buyer know its just been refunded?)
I dont interact with map sharing incase it turns out to be a scam and people report for no reason and yep you get banned

The support structure is not up to the job of a multi player game
Copy and paste works in the retail world because people have been conditioned to suck it up
In the gaming world banning people for stuff that is of no fault of their own is just stupid

Amazon will kill this game down to new world numbers within 6 months if they dont pull their heads out their arses

Forum ban incoming?


wouldnt be surprised, i just had my 3 day forum ban lifted iam rehabilitated now
(for just making a joke about a troll)

while people spreading misinformation (which is against ToS) just keep doing it, maybe even getting people banned because of it


I am also having the worst luck… 11+ days now and NOTHING. I have tried every single avenue and I don’t even get a reply back on any ban appeals or tickets.

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they are trying so hard to get into the gaming business but …

Buy wrong item in AH ? BAN!
Offer Map Slots? BAN!
Boost people for Gold? BAN! (checked ToS, says no boosting)
Trade on D2jsp? BAN!
Repurchase game before Release? BAN!
Get Mass reported by a bunch of toxic people? BAN!
Do nothing? BAN!
Post this exact Post? Shadowban from replying in english support sub forum

and they all seem to be permanent on first offence.
combine this with the average experience from Customer Support and…
who is willing to put 1000’s of $$ or Hours into this game if they can just loose it all by [Insert Random Reason Here]

i have seen a few bans for 1-3 days for “cheating”… real nice
i think even dupers in new world didnt get a perma ban…

ofc this is the internet and it could all be people lieing, but at what point is it too much to be a coincidence. All those people with 10+ Year old Steam accounts and 0 prior offences.

its 11 days now


You also forgot that simply recieveing a PM from a gild seller can trigger the system and ban you. I have seen proof of that a few times now