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Posted this earlier since I couldn’t think of a way to show the Amazon agent what I was talking about from previous support contacts.

Its not even about receiving the re-entry ticket for me, it was the confirmed qualification that I should have been receiving one and the last agent denying everything about being able to check whether or not I was eligible when the previous two agents confirmed that I was on some sort of list that was affected by the server crashes.



My best guess is that either AGS chat support are getting mixed information or that AGS doesn’t handle re-entry tickets. Smile gate might handle this system and AGS is just serving as a middle man for information.

Here’s Shadow_Fox’s response in a different post, Valtan DC and entry count lost? - #297 by Shadow_Fox

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Yeah I understand that theres a lot of people that were affected so I wasn’t trying to be pushy.

But this amazon agent straight up denied what two previous agent had stated before which was rather strange.

Either way I wasn’t too hopeful trying to get a re-entry ticket and this conversation demotivated me for even trying for future support questions :[

Yea I’m locked out of a Valtan hard this week because of it, two the AGS support agents i talked to said 24-48 hours. The one I talked to today didn’t out right say it but implied that the small compensation we got (the hp pots) was to cover the re-entry tickets. Unfortunate but I guess we gotta just muscle through it.

This middle man thing is not working at all

Is that clear?! IS THAT CLEAR?! My guy, he was steppin’ up on you, did you throw fists?

nahh Aaron was probably just having a bad day dealing with all us degenerates and tired of repeating the same messages to everyone. I couldn’t hurt a guy that was already down :[

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