Amazon, what is your role in Lost Ark changes?

While we were waiting for this game to come out we were told that Smilegate is developing the game and AGS is only publishing the game and westernizing and localizing. There are many threads here with much confusion as to who is responsible for what. Can we have clarification as to who is making the decisions that affect our game? Are content nerfs/buffs being decided on by Amazon or by Smilegate? Who decides what content is released and when? Who decides when the missing classes are getting added? Who decides what cosmetics are released and when they are released? @Roxx or any CM who knows, please respond. This is very important for us, as a consumer to know who is making the decisions on a product we are spending money on. The game so far is very different from other regions and we want to know if this is Smilegate trying out different things or if Amazon Games is directing the changes. Thank you.


Either way, you’re dealing with Amazon, because Amazon has the license to operate the game here. It’s some combination of Amazon and Smilegate on all relevant decisions, and what precisely that is, is almost certainly never going to be detailed for us, because it isn’t relevant for us.

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Because a company’s track record is very likely to affect future performance? I’m asking on behalf of the community to clear up confusion that pops up in nearly every thread. Do you think it’s better not to know?

Just look up what a publisher does and what they do and you have your answer.

Amazon: We want to change the names.
Smitegate: ? Why?
Amazon: Bezos can’t pronounce Abrelshud or Biakiss.

I don’t see any reason why they would tell us, number one. It is literally none of our business what the details of that relationship are.

Number two, we have the venue for communicating feedback and complaints, and that is through Amazon. If you don’t like what is happening now, why would it change your mind about the future behavior if Amazon said “Smilegate has control over X”, since they have exercised that control in a way you don’t like already anyway.

This is the confusion. A publisher usually just sells a product and, that’s it. It’s not common, at least, to my knowledge, that publishers make significant alterations to said product. Do the books you read differ depending on who publishes them?

Publishers also choose what content to put in the game, and when to release content.

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Pretty sure they do. It depends on the country, translations, words that don’t exist, play on words the wouldn’t be understood in the country you’re publishing, changes to the cover…I’m sure there are additional changes that I can’t think of right now.

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Despite the many times AAA games have been heavily affected by the publisher screwing up and demanding shit, i’m amazed people still think Publishers do nothing but handle servers and translation.

They need to give us the content they left out and can someone please strangle whoever’s idea it was to make everything character bound? Materials aren’t character bound in other versions

I’m pretty sure they bring feedback and have a word on choosing what to release and when, but pretty sure the director has it’s plan for the game and it’s a communion of decisions, stating publishers control the whole developtment team is naive. Coming from someone that has worked with publishers.

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Depends what is outlined within their contract.

Corecct, we don’t know that, but again, thinking AGS has full control over Devs of LA for NA/EU is incredibly naive.

In MMORPGs, the publisher decide the monetisation and the release pace of the content.
Amazon bought a licence to sell the game in the Western regions.
They cannot decide any change of the core design of the game, however they can decide what items to sell in the Shop and what content to release and when.

If Smilegate was in charge of it, the Korean, the Russian and the Western version of the game will follow the same pattern, but as we know that’s not the case.

All the different item in the shop and the different release pace compared to other versions is all down to Amazon.

The publisher decides what to be released, but they cannot change any content without approval