Amazon will limit the unlimited brush chaos people?

As far as I know, there are many people who get unlimited material from chaos dungeon through scripts, and most of them have more than 1415 rating :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a way to deal with it?

Report them?

My gosh! If this is true, time to find another game. Where’re the evidences? Or are you talking about the known bots? Actually, thinking about it, it’s the same. :cry: This game will die in NA if relevant actions are not made against bots. Sadly, they are prefering to release classes/content instead of focus on the real problem.

In fact we had no way to report them because they were in the chaos and I only found out about it through the guild system.

I hope Amazon should have a way to be able to detect :slightly_smiling_face:

Because they always brush chaos alone, so players do not even have a way to report.

how do you report them if they are doing chaos with their own army?

How does OP know that they are doing it then?
Obviously OP has solid proof for it to accuse them right?

Of course, they even show it through live streaming

Report them. You literally have a way so do it.

I hope they will be punished accordingly :neutral_face:

Does no one really care?

what do u mean by this? did they get a glitch or something?

no one cares nor Amazon do, just move on. They have problems banning basic bots, leave alone geared ones through t3

they get more materials through scripts in the chaos

a friend of mine ask for that scripts … just in case

If left unattended, more people will join and affect the balance of the game