Amazon will never really handle BOTs---Suppose you are the head of AGS

Suppose you are the head of AGS.
One day, a genius staff. got a solution that can completely solves BOTs, which will you choose?

Option 1. Immediately adopt this plan, BOTs eliminated, Arkesia becomes peaceful and harmony.

You are very proud to receive the congratulations with your talented staff. But at the celebration party, some employees seems a little worried.
Back home, you share the good news with your family and have a good evening.

You wake up in the middle of the night with a screeching phone ringing and your boss growls at you, asking why only 100K online and still dropping rapidly.
Yes, you killed 600K by eliminating BOTs. Meanwhile, you killed other 100K by banning RMTers.

The boss doesn’t listen to any of your explanations and demands you to get online number back immediately, otherwise he and you will be fired together.

In desperation, you think of those worried employees. Yes, they have some personal acquaintances with several big owners of the BOTs.

The owners receive your call on their luxury yacht and tell you displeasedly that your irresponsible behavior has caused losses to their company, and their machines have been put into other popular MMOs already. Most importantly, their son (or daughter)'s account was also banned, and the kids are very angry.

You persuade in every possible way, offer extremely generous terms, and promise to give mythical sets to their kids as compensation. You even promise to change the name of those well-known NPCs(such as King Thirain, Priest Armen, Beatrice and Nineveh) to the kids’ name(yes, they will be King Rich, Pirest Tycoon, Wealth and Luxury)

The owners reluctantly agree to spare some machines for you. You immediately restore all RMTers‘ accounts and compensate 12,000 diamonds for each of them. The online number starts to rise. Finally, you fire that genius and think it’s all over.

But because of changing the name of these NPCs, The transactions between you and BOTs owners are known to everyone, and you become a joke. It doesn’t take long for you to be transferred to the Sanitation and Cleaning Department, you are in charge of the washroom now.

The clatter of the toilet flushing wake you up, and you realize that something is wrong. No brush in your hand, and a man next to you is chattering to you. The genius staff! He is gushing about his great plan of solving Bots!

How Fortunately, you have a chance to change the future. You choose option 2 silently.

After a few minutes, you walked out of the washroom and back to your office. There will be an accident report today, poor fellow.


Mari queues 25000+ today, lol.
Surely we’ll get some consolation
“Our team have been aware of the current situation”
“We are constantly fighting the BOTs”
“New measures are under consideration”
So great

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sadly, remind me of new world
this is new world 2.0

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