Amazon, you can earn millions with a server transfer

Hi Amazon Games,

please, wake up your inner greedy demons and implement a server transfer option. I´d pay about 20€ for this service.

I´m sure that everybody who wants to play together with friends & family, that are seperated at this moment, would pay this service.

We have the situation that some friends are able to login at 2pm and have no queue (e.g. on asta), others need to work till 5-6pm and have no chance to login till bedtime. So some created there characters including there founders stuff on other servers, because that want to play this game. But we want to build up our friend comunity on the same server without loosing our progress or/and the founders stuff…

Please earn millions with a server transfer. We would appriciate that.

I know that many ppl are crying for a service like this, but i guess that more threads = more pressure :wink:

Thank you


As a programmer myself, it pisses me off, when people say, this is not doable because of the architecture of the game.

You just need an Export and an Import function. Export on Server A, Import on Server B. Let an overnight job do it in a Bulk, backup the original data in case you have some network problems. Wait, get money.


Edit : If there is an existing roster, give a warning to the player, if he agrees, backup it and overwrite it.

Why are you willing to pay for a resolution on a problem they created themselves.

Please. Dont.

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you’re basing your conclusion on a premise that they have export and import buttons :rofl:

cause it would resolve my issue faster - my issue being logging and playing in peace

Programming imports and exports is day to day work. Its nothing special

if it was as simple as export this data from the data table → import this data into a new data table of the same struct…don’t you think they’d done it already? I dunno, seems if it was easy it just wasted money not implementing it