Amazon's failures in moderation and communication

Amazon’s moderation of lost ark has been a massive issue to the community at hand. This may sound like history repeating itself for Amazon Game Studio as this was a huge issue in New World which is largely considered a recent failure within the MMO community.

1st issue: Amazon’s massive lack of communication-related to moderation. every month it’s been the same message from New World to Lost Ark “We will improve communication related to moderation for the future”. Yet every time a new wave of bans happens there is further communication or clarity.

Amazon’s ban reason tags are used to represent a way too wide a range of reasons. Having more clear reasons for a ban would clear up a lot of situations. This could refer to “banned for rmt”, “banned for use of 3rd party programs” “banned for use of macros” or it could even be a reference number to a line in their code of conduct or terms of service. In any case of the issue, this needs to be resolved, so users can understand why their accounts have been flagged or temporarily banned.

2nd issue: This issue stems from the previous. How are people meant to know what they did wrong if they’re never told!? I experienced this with New World and I see many people experiencing it now. If you email support you should get further clarification on your ban and or some kind of proof that validates your ban. This can be alike such as “on 3/2/2020 you were found to be macroing resource nodes” Some message of some kind that gives you an understanding of what you did. Currently, people are getting banned for actions they have no clue what they did. How is anyone meant to learn from this to avoid doing it next time?

(A picture from someone I know)
How is this meant to give any information about your ban? Like most other MMOs I’ve played have at least in some way told you your reason for the ban, but here there is 0 information learned. This does not provide context to avoid at all.

3rd issue: Amazon and censorship… Deleting people’s posts about being banned and telling them to go somewhere else is just harming your image and view from the perspective of the community. People see it as you’re trying to hide all the issues with possible false bans. (people not knowing their reason for the ban because of lack of information is half the reason why people are posting about it.) Your mass deleting posts just creates a bigger issue and blows it up tbh.

To be clear I haven’t been banned. This post is because these are issues I’ve seen a lot recently and in New World. This has to be addressed and have real change. Not just worthless words to a community who will learn to not trust the community managers. Every time I’ve had to explain to a friend that Lost ark is worth checking out they always hit me with the like “yeah but it’s Amazon. Have you seen the dumpster fire that new world is? There is no way amazon can do well with the lost ark.” Idk I just want this MMO to last and be different. Show that there is even just a little goal to improve or something.


@Seawolf Why was my post moved to English support? I’ve not been banned and I’m not posting about any individual’s ban. I’m posting feedback related to Amazon’s communication related to bans.

also, follow up on that image posted. My guildmate was unbanned.

This is weird because they say they reviewed the case and the actions were merited in your case.

I want to be sure that your feedback reaches the Support and Moderation teams who operate and own this section of the forums.

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Oh ok, thank you!

The forum staff are making a good job… But the problem is upper in the hierarchy I guess.

The Moderation Team does not live up to amazon leadership principles and should be scrapped and replaced. They refuse to provide any factual information supporting the reason for the ban or any reason for appeal to determine the ban is final. I litterally have no clue why I was banned and I assure you nothing in the code of conduct has been broken. So for the moderation team to to just recite things in code of conduct basically saying don’t break these rules and you wont get banned is complte crap. I’ve broken none of them to begin with!


I want to be sure of that too.

Hurry up !