Amazons only plan on combating botting is removal of ingame rewards every patch?

  • Replaced gold rewards from various early World and Stronghold quests with a variety of new rewards to prevent farming by bots.
  • Gem Chests have been removed in order to combat excess bot farming.

And this comes after they already removed many ways of getting gold, like rapports.
Removed gold rewards from chaos dungeons so that they are rare and when you find one its only giving you 180gold

So soon gold will be only obtainable via creditcard only?
Seems like Island gold reward will now be purged too… Neat

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AGS does not seem to understand, that by removing gold from the players, they are making bots and RMT stronger and more attractive, as the demand will grow.

The game is fun, but the company running it, is sadly not doing a good job. They punish the legit players all the time, its just crazy.


pretty much, Botters will just adjust price, and sell less gold for more money. in the end they win even more because now for less effort people buy more expensive gold from them.

If they remove so much gold form game, how about tripple rewards from argos and preveza?