Amazon's Top Issues is more smoke and mirrors

They were trying to divert your attention to bots while the forums have hundreds of topics of lack of skins, skin choice, and T3 being so gated that 1370 requires a credit card.

The real top issues weren’t even talked about in your news post amazon. Why? @Roxx

Currently the most talked about topic right now, is how korea is getting all of these free gifts for NA having a successful launch, and now amazon doesn’t even plan on giving us the same gift.

Amazon is making its players feel less than the Korean players. That is the TOP issue.


I agree. Amazon is treating its players worse than Smilegate treats Korea players.

Denka, is that you?

They sure are a Worried User with the amount of these posts.

Yeah, this is some BS. We should be getting this stuff too. They wouldn’t have this success without us.

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100% agree