AMD 22.8.1 Drivers

anyone using these drivers and having any issues?

reason i ask is because the 22.7.1 were causing character and map flciker as well as other issues in pvp and mvp where the characters would flick or not even show up

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Unfortunately, I updated to 22.8.1 to try it out, and game has texture flickering issues still (Character Profile, Sailing Map). Going to roll back to 22.6.1 (or possibly earlier) and see what happens.

Edit: AMD is aware of this issue for the release notes of 22.8.1. So at least AMD knows of this issue.

rx6900xt 22.5.1 no issues here

Here I thought it was the game having issues … so I should probably roll back to an older version I guess

is stable until 22.6.1