Amythest shards

Can anyone explain why im having only 8500 shards, i did claim all the 5 amazon prime , and did all the ingame achievements etc.

If you can’t explain your shards how would we?

how many more do you think you should have? There were few for watching streams but that’s about it.

Idk, i contacted support and suggested me to create a forum post.

Seen people with 11k

Must be the compensations or twitch drops

There were three twitch drop campaigns from watching streamers for 2 hours on big content patch releases. First in Feb was 1.5K. Second in April was 1K. Third in May was 1K. 3.5K total. You missed those.

you got me confused for a moment :slight_smile:

it was 2x 1000

ive got these ( ones i blured are from poe )

hm but then i cant miss 2.5k, can you check how many drops you had ? i posted mine

yup, those are the two with shards

No, the one in Feb was 1500. However, the one in April was 1K yes, I corrected my post.

Ah so i missed the lola starter item set it seems, did that have 2.5K ?

oh crap, yup, LoLA one had 1500. But if you have those and have 2.5k from Amazon Prime then you are missing some from the game achievements.

Yup, I have 10k and I’m missing 2 amazon primes (if there were 5).

  • Complete the Prologue and Reach Level 50 – 1,000 Shards
  • Join a Guild and Participate in the Arena – 1,000 Shards
  • Win an Arena Match – 2,000 Shards
  • Add 50 Friends – 1,000 Shards
  • 1500 from LoLA Twitch
  • 1000 from Unicorn Twitch
  • 1000 from Battle Chest Twitch
  • 2500 from 5x APrime

11k total, seems that’s all

i did the friends and guild and are lvl 50 ofc, so im not sure where the other 1k comes from then