An actual tier list

1v1 tier list

And 3v3 tier list

I’m seeing a ton of players say things like “I’m a sorc main and I can’t play the game against melee characters” or “why is deathblade so weak” or “striker is the strongest 1v1 class in game it needs to be nerfed”. Here is an actual tier list from a rank 20 grandmaster so you can stop saying things based of your opinion when you are heated from loosing a match. He also talks about some issues on why the tier list could change as more classes get released.


Feel like as long as you have a paladin on your team each category is raised up by one rank in 3v3. I just turn off my brain when I see 2 S ranks + a paladin cause its just not gonna end well. This coming from someone that plays everything in the A to B tier.

2 Sorcs + paladin/bard and im just tempted to take a alt + f4 approach.


2 sorcs + bard/pally is for sure an ALT-F4 from me lololol the pvp feels so unbalanced in LA, right now if you have 2 sorcs that decently understand their rotations they can 2v3 almost any combo of classes


Sorc is definitely an issue for some classes. Once we see more classes released I think things will even out and at least the barrier for entry to pvp in Lost Ark is great


Such a bad take from you guys, where is the confidence in your skill at? At high level sure facing off against 3 high tier classes will be a tough challenge. However you guys are new players who’ll be at low level for a while.

At low level any comp is beatable if you are skilled enough, facing off against 3 high tier classes means nothing if the other team isn’t good. If you guys don’t have the confidence to carry or help your team win even at low level, than I don’t even know why you guys are playing with such attitudes like that.


Normally I would disagree with duck but that’s a great point on his part

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the copium is real, lack of balance of CC+Damage abilities by class is what causes the issue. Any coordinated 2 sorcs in comms with proper builds will keep you cc’d or interrupted while doing massive splash damage. The amount of damage put out while you are CC immune nullifies the usefulness of the cc immunity.

Ranked pvp is solo queue only


I know, that should tell you that the devs recognize the imbalance of their own design and therefore only allow solo queue ranked instead of doing the much needed balancing of classes in regards to pvp.

The next post to defend the devs will usually be “bUt ALL the ClAsSeS ArEnT OuT YeT!” or “YoU muST be SHITE AT PVP”

Nope I think the balance is just fine, you’re the one who has an issue with it. You a new player? How much experience with the game do you have?

Also to think low level players who randomly match up with each other, are going to use the comm system to coordinate a gameplan… Nah that’s not gonna happen very often I can predict that. Even if they did they still need the skill to successful execute it, we’re talking low level here…

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I’m glad you think the balance is fine. <3

I think its funny how RU and KR Grandmasters have similar yet differnet tier lists. I wonder if it comes down to regional differences on what people play more often.

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so far looks like ther has been a patch in kr or is going to be …

and lancer has been nerfed (loss SA on engage i think) , wardancer buffed and now is tier S+ by the looks lol

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Any news on scouter ? I here he’s a pretty good counter do deathblade. I’m most excited for his release

Saw 2 Sorc and a Bard one time and I was on a team of 3 melee. Probably my easiest game yet.

That says a lot of about the lack of skill from the two sorcerers part than it does melee being better for that matchup lol

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bard is s tier in 3v3 but it might be easier to carry with a paladin tho .-.
and theres no way bards are b tier in 1v1, and no way they do less damage than paladins. bards can kill the squishiest classes in 2 rotations and some chip damage. other classes die in 3 rotations and some chip. only classes you cant kill are zerker and gunlancer (and destroyer, but not out yet), need 4 and 5 rotations, so not enough time. in which case, you simply heal and win by having higher hp .-. and you can block every single engage in the game .-.

I’m curious if western version has different stats/base damaging abilities slightly different from the other versions making our class balance different

i personally hate bards on the enemy team tho :stuck_out_tongue:

they dont have that much dmg but oh boy they are annoying

I believe we are one balance patch behind KR currently for pvp.