An actual tier list

“Actual tier list” at the end of the day they’re still opinions

I’ve heard many veterans say that tier lists are garbage bc every class is strong enough to compete at the highest level

Yeah sorc is easy damage you gotta be pretty inexperienced to struggle with sorc

2 sorcs can cover half the arena w AOE if they know what they’re doing
Really annoying to deal with :joy:

Striker more specifically but yeah it absolutely is

For you to deny that just means you don’t have a good understanding of class matchups :man_shrugging:

But you don’t understand what’s strong against what

And if you’re a striker getting bodied by a gs

I’m better than you too

I was never wrong about push immunity :joy: doesn’t protect you from hardest cc

Tier list is cope

The difference between a knock up/down and hard cc isn’t incredibly explicit
Considering some skills don’t even clarify what level or cc they provide

Regardless my point stands

You can bring up “push immunity” again but you don’t understand how classes match up against eachother

All good keep playing you’ll figure it out

Wrong. You can read the tooltips to figure out if you have paralysis immunity or a hard cc like freeze, or even push immunity, then you can go into the tripod section and further customize this because some classes can get push immunity this way or change certain skills to knockdown/knock up. There are plenty of guides how there breaking all this down and explaining what can be countered and what can’t.

And no your point doesn’t stand, cause you don’t even know how your abilities work, or push immunity, so what makes you an authority on what’s a good match up and what’s not? I posted two tier list , a 1v1 and a 3v3, covering both aspects of the game. Gunslinger is S tier man. Hopefully you can take your own advice and eventually figure things out like you said.

It is literally impossible for me to not understand how push immunity works but lel of course u tried to make that your point again

Most pistol skills for example show the level of immunity you have when casting but not the level of cc they inflict

Wether it’s stagger/stun paralysis or hard cc

If it does show this information in the book or coordination could you provide a picture? Because believe me I’ve looked

Like I know frost nade is hard cc just from how it works in game but not because it states it explicitly

If it’s literally impossible then why did you not understand and have to be corrected by myself and another player?

Because if I didn’t know it yesterday I would know it today since you’ve stated it 7 times

Even though what I said about push immunity isn’t wrong

Except for the fact that knock up/down is different from actual hard CC

That I legitimately didn’t know
But anyway
Can you answer my question though?

Which handgun skills are you talking about

Almost all of them the grenade spiral tracker dexterous shot

I know what levels they are from playing but it doesn’t tell you in the tool tip

For some reason it does on death fire and bullet rain but that’s about it

So I don’t see paralysis immunity on those two handgun skills. That would just mean they aren’t protected

I know what what level of stagger do they inflict? My point being the system doesn’t tell you

They don’t inflict stagger, the tool tip will say low, medium, high, I think some even say medium high lol. There is a few different types.

Lmfao I knew you didn’t know shit

Yes they do
Quick step inflicts paralysis 2nd level cc/stagger
Simmer salt shot does as well
Rain of bullets inflict level 1 soft stagger
Spiral tracker also inflict paralysis

But it doesn’t state this anywhere!

Yikes man how do you not know this

What was that about you knowing more than me? Lmfao silly bot :grin:

The guide from max roll says other wise? Hold on lmfao , the two you asked about in fact do not show paralysis immunity or stagger. Yes the other handgun abilities do. The two you asked me about don’t

You have nothing to say :joy:
If you need some pvp tips let me know