An easy way to hit hard on bots

The game classification is for mature +17-year-old, and 99.9% of people at this age have a cellphone.

All accounts should be linked with a valid phone number. IMO it would decrease the number of bots significantly. Furthermore, let people from other locations use VPNs to play as they need to link their phone numbers.

bots have literally been bypassing this in other games for a long time. Unless you are requiring constant verification from your phone(every couple hours) and having your account permabanned if you don’t respond to the verification, it won’t work

Bots are advanced now. They will get past that quickly

Slow and steady wins the race.

Looks like a post from a government spy trying to get more people to buy a cellphone to get everything they do monitored

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Or just block west taiwan lmao since majority of which are coming from them to begin with

Probably you and all of your friends have and use cell phones on a daily basis.