An entire list of issues I've experienced on Beta so far

Hello again, I came back with a list of issues which I encountered from Beta so far, I’m glad to see that some of the feedback I gave back in the Alpha got fixed but apparently there’s still a lot of work especially on overlapping texts, descriptions which do not fit at all in the UI, complicated translations and many more. I will try my best to give my explanation on each image what issues I experienced.

The font overall makes it overlapped everywhere, it doesn’t really help, by changing it would automatically remove a lot of issues which we encounter at the moment.

All the engraving descriptions have overlapped texts, which looks quite inconvenient (in this example “Engraving Level” overlaps “Scrapper Exclusive”):
Engraving Level Books

  • On Pet Inventory “You can register a pet to the quick slot to summon” description doesn’t fit in the UI

  • On the actual pet effect & function window, we cannot see the number of days existing unless we have to scroll manually the yellow text called “Until Expiration {0}”. In the actual picture we have example in 2nd window called “Pet function” how it looks if you scroll down, very inconvenient, could be shortened like “Expires in {0}”.

  • On the actual summoned pet shows on top left “Summoning…” which doesn’t make any sense because its already summoned.

  • On the Procyon’s Eye Compass window, we have 4 examples where the text with the symbol overlaps with each other, quite unpleasant to see it everyday like that:

  • A lot of random disconnects lately have been happening while being active in the game without any connection issues or instability:

  • Twilight Isle’s Island has a dungeon which doesn’t open at all, you cannot enter without any reason, even if you unlock the purple chain quest, that means we cannot continue the 2nd awakening quest which starts in Rohendel after finishing Main Storyline. 2nd awakening quest chain rewards you with Tier 2 materials which are not existent in the game because we’re only in Tier 1 content so it automatically bugs the boxes which you’re trying to open:

  • “Starlight Isle” purple quest chain cannot be completed due to the reason that “Liebeheim” island is unavailable at the moment in the Beta, hopefully that will exist on release.

Most of the cutscenes in Rohendel continent are completely missing voice & effects audio, just music seems fine as it is. Few examples listed below as proofs of what I’m talking about:

  • Top calendar date doesn’t have a “/” between months / year. Would look much better with it in between, less confusing.

  • Guardians Raid: 1 player left text doesn’t fit in the UI:

  • Claim Rewards doesn’t fit in the UI:

  • On the first affinity quest from Thirain “Thirain’s Conundrum” the spacing on dialogue is not existing:

  • On Adventurer’s Tome, “King Luterra’s Tomb” has another name “King’s Tomb”, extremely confusing for beginners if they are trying to search for King Luterra’s Tomb, would be nice if its only one name:

  • On the dungeon called “Lastra Forest” on 2nd map called “King Luterra’s Tomb / King’s Tomb” on the last part where we fight the dragon Jagan, whenever we try to cross the moving platforms it teleports us back, extremely annoying:

  • Example

  • On Una’s Tasks > Reputation Status category, “Claim Rewards” doesn’t fit in the UI:

  • On Una’s Tasks > Guide button, it redirects you to a Korean guide:

  • While trying to break the barricades on Mount Zagoras map ~ West Luterra continent (which are scaled by auto attacks, not actual damage from skills) at some point you’re getting stopped of doing auto attacks because for a weird reason game recognizes you are doing “suspicious activity” while you actually just do it manually and by getting stopped, that barricade resets the HP back again, so that’s very very inconvenient since you have to break them for like 15 minutes in order to destroy it:

There are many more similar issues which I encountered, which might not be yet in the post but I’ll come back as soon as I can get screenshots, videos of them. Thank you and hopefully we’ll see all the issues fixed till release ! :slight_smile:


Great post! I linked your thread at the bottom of my localization megathread, I plan to categorize and consolidate all of the localization issues at the end of the beta.

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