An error has occurred. Exiting the game

Well I’ve seen various posts with this issue, but mine is kind of weird. Tried all the troubleshooting and fixes out there and yet I can’t connect to EU Calvasus. I tried to created a new character on trixion and it logged in just fine and was able to play for a few sec. Logged out tried to log back in to Calvasus where all my characters are and I get the simple “An error has occurred. Exiting the game.” with no error code.

So I can basically play the game just fine on any other server but I can’t connect to where all my characters are… So it’s not a an issue on my side since everything works fine on trixion for example. But I can’t connect to Calvasus for some reason. I checked my mail and everything in case I was wrongly banned as I heard that is a thing now, but I didn’t receive any indication of that. So I’m at a loss.

I would very much like some help here. Thank you.

Hello @Rahldaris ,

Greetings! :handshake:

I hope you are doing fine!

I am sorry to learn about the issue you are facing in Calvasus server.

I understand that you have tried out all troubleshooting, and I am assuming you have tried the basic steam integrity check for game files as well.

If yes, kindly provide me with your IGN (on Calvasus) so that I can check the account.

Also a screenshot of screen where you get the error if possible.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Looking forward for your response, :sunflower: :magic_wand: