An Honest F2P Feedback

As a F2P, I don’t care too much about the direction of where the game is going.

What I do care though is that there are so many players in forums just completely complaining about a video game that does not do any harm to them, mentally or physically, and start to make things so financially political that will deter other players and possibly the AGS/SMG Staff.

Game is great when you don’t have to read the forums. I get to play when I have time, and progress at my own pace. I don’t know why so many players are so competitive and complacent just to go completely insane at the end.


These are problems that you’re not experiencing right now because you’ve not reached that far into the game.

Competitive players have gotten to a a point faster than you and are complaining about serious issues the game has so that when you get to it you don’t also have to experience them.

The people complaining are trying to pave the way for the casual playerbase to have an easier time.


I see. I am unsure if I was complaining, rather I was just showing my concern to community.

Sometimes paving a way to make things “right” can be detrimental to the surrounding environment.

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Forums of any game are 90% tears


Yes the game feedback forum for any game will be hugely detrimental to the environment because it’ll largely be negative.

Nobody comes in to say “wow great job guys” especially when very crucial issues exist that prevent people from progressing through the game or putting content behind $1000 investments.

Isn’t that investment optional though?

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Well sure it’s optional but how would you feel if you knew that the player paying $1000 right now will make it harder for you to get to the same point that he did to make a gold profit?

Think of it like… you need to grind 1 month to get to do something but a very select group of players that paid that ‘optional’ amount of cash can extend that 1 month period for you up to 2 months by inflating gold prices on items you need.

Considering that they just released argos which requires 1370 ilvl to access, and the only people who can access it are the whales who have dropped thousands, no it is not optional if you want to do argos. OR you get extremely lucky with your honing, im at 1359 right now with 112 honing fails, $40 invested for reference i guess, so getting lucky isn’t an option for the vast majority still.

I usually don’t complain about entertainment, however AGS & even the game director said that you would not need to pay to do content, it would be optional and as long as you did your dailies that you would be able to do new content.

Technically true, you can do dailies for 6 months then finally be able to do Argos but by then, I’m sure several other raids will be released and it gets to the point where you can no longer keep up without swiping.

It’s a blatant money grabber, anyone with a brain can see that. Unfortunate because they could make just as much if not more by just releasing skins. Tons of players love this game and would support it but people are leaving by the thousands because of their decision to paywall content like this


Good stuff. As you said, this game is great with so many contents, not just about GS or Argos. There are a lot of people that play with their own pace and enjoying this game like collecting collectibles, having fun with islands or do rapport quests like dating sims. Lol, there are even some people that just go online to chat and chill or do useless PVP things. But we can see that there are some free to play and free too much time players that does not satisfy with that.

So you want a game where people pay with their hard work money to get some useless stuffs or useless skins like other games? then you can enjoy this game while these guys keep using their money to make this game still alive. Oh come on. This game is already kind enough that most of royal shard items are tradable. I am F2P but I already got my omen and founder skins without pay any single dollar thanks to P2P players.

Like other endgame F2P players, I’m stuck at 1340 GS but I don’t see any problem with argos patch. Now, I am doing rapport and adventure tomes completion and I am having fun with that. The thing that AGS fucked up is just PVP rewards. This game PVP is great and it is balanced or scaling. It is pure skills contest and no P2W element . But sadly, there is no reward for that.

40 and at 1359? youre lucky lol. ive paid like 300 and i just got to 1335. i dont really care about 1370 tho… this is an mmo after all, its gonna be “grindy”

I agee and disagree.

I agree that if you play at your own speed without watching all these guides and forum discussions you can just enjoy this game fine f2p if you don’t feel the need to stay with the ‘‘meta’’ and all that.

I disagree that this game can not harm anyone. I feel this system that is put into place is really carefully designed (with some very clever minds behind it) to make it as addicting as possible. Combining gambling with time walls, level caps, daily rewards etc. without much transparency on how much time you have to sink in the late game, this can easely harm people with addictive personalities for example that feel the need to keep up with the ‘‘meta’’.

Welcome to the world of butthurts


Really cool, where is the game feedback?

There isn’t? oh

My friend is F2P with 1340+ GS 20-30k gold and 9k blue crystals while working a full time job… it’s not hard if you play smart, work and farm the market to keep up with the top…

The majority of the population right now is in T2 and moving at a steady pace enjoying the game… why is NA so entitled that they feel the need to complete “end game” content the day it’s released?

Why and what mmorpgs are made to be completed in a day? How entitled do people have to be to think like that? The craziest part about it is if the rates were easier and they could do agros they would complain the next day that they have nothing to do…


You’re completly right. There are too many players who will complain as soon as they get a slight inconvenience or they can’t instantly access new content that is added to the game and would have to grind another 2-3 weeks to access it.

It’s an MMO and if you can do content now or in 2 weeks doesn’t matter at all. In the end, this game is supposed to be played for years.

Do you have to pay $1000 to unlock argos? Or can you just unlock it by playing…oh wait, you can. So it’s not locked behind any investments but the time it takes to grind materials. It is your problem if you want to access it right away even tho it will be last big endgame content for at least another month (at least if you take the leaked roadmap which could ofc change).
Also we are getting the pvp shop very likely next week or the week after and you can already start earning pvp tokens.

I also want to buy a new car for 20k but I can only get it for 40k…should I now go cry that it’s unfair? You want something that you can get sooner or later but you need to be patient. The problem is that you want to have it right now.

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You’re wrong in so many ways I can’t even begin to describe it.

On KR it’s unheard of to put in 12+ hrs a day since the patch and not be able to do new content.

There are hundreds of people with 500+ hrs on the forums complaining for being 1450-1460.

You’re simply just too casual to understand.

they are not clever they just copied mobil games. the developers are not very good and this part of the games shows that. they only figured the game out and how to make a game at the later part of T3 and that’s why ppl in Korea came back. this part of the game was a meme in Korea.

Ah yes the good 'ole ‘free game can’t complain’ logic. Flawed as ever. This is a competitive multiplayer game and you’re arguing in favor of p2w. Getting to Argos early means you can influence the market with massive gold gains. You’re just too new to understand that.

What’s mind blowing to me is that they even acknowledged on twitter that Argos was released too early for where player progression is right now.

They said it was a mistake for limiting the content to just whales.

And there are several people in this thread arguing in favor of something objectively wrong that even the dev agreed was wrong.

Get a grip you casual/contrarian fucks.