An Honest F2P Feedback

Oh funny, I get it, is it because you play 2 hours a day when you get off work and you get to enjoy the game at your own pace?

You might not know, but you need a Korean ID to play Korean online games due to law.
Now you can buy accounts online or a friend can make an account with their ID, but that is a risk and can get you banned.

So your sentence “Then just go play in korea” shows the lack of your knowledge in that regard.

Okay and? There’s still Russia. The main point is, it’s unreasonable to compare* NA/EU to Russia/Korea because those server people have t3 alts who are at 1400 ilvl. Mats are also cheaper due to the age of the server. Do I have to hold his hand to tell him how to not get banned playing in KR and also how to gear up at a steady pace in Lost Ark too?

I think I’m doing pretty well for myself lmao even with all the forum complaining

Of course they are further in the game. Their game is out longer. Noone is complaining about that.

What people are complain about is that RU/KR released argos with other changes, as example the honing buffs. And other sources of material acquisition were available, that we don’t have. So the question is why we don’t have those things.

I don’t know how you defend that tbh.
“Stop playing than, go play somewhere else” hurts the game in the long run when everyone listens to you and that’s how games die.

He knows he’s just intentionally being an ignorant contrarian to bait angry replies. It’s not the first thread he tries to derail like this.

Benefit of the doubt that they really doesn’t understand the reasoning why people are upset and explaining it to them can never hurt.
In the end, I don’t understand why someone would be against those changes since everyone profits from them. The only exception is that they must think “Why did I spend so much money when everyone will be there sooner or later and now I regret spending it, so I try to be negative about those changes”

They’re a casual console player that equated time spent with money invested.

They can’t possibly comprehend that investing time into a game could be more financially beneficial to a company in the long term. And besides most people playing right now bought some form of founder pack and their argument is unfounded.

I’m not the one using political terms to be on a high horse here.

Players like you are just being entitled and demand games to cater to your need as a non-paying customer. If you think you’re anything more than just entertainment for the whales that play this game you’re actually delusional.

In a LOAon, the director himself showed a chart of players at certain ilvl. You don’t think they know that people are stuck at 1355-1370 range? Compared to other ilvl the numbers of players in that range are the highest. No one is forcing you at gun-point to get to 1370 and do Argos.
Lost Ark is not like wow or ff14 when a new tier of raid releases, the previous tier is completely irrelevant. We’re in t3 and everything other servers have is still in t3.

Honing is rng and rng is rng. You don’t go to casinos to expect to win every slots game.

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I have paid for a platinum founder pack and a Crystalline Aura so far so you’re already wrong.

Honing is not just rng, it’s deterministic rng that can be modified very easily with a few tweaks from AGS. Like for example T3 requires half as many mats on KR/RU to upgrade. Meanwhile we pay more mats and we have less sources to gain it from.

If the game doesn’t cater to the casual playerbase that’s incredibly far behind and not getting any help with honing. And it’s not catering to the hardcore playerbase that’s putting in 500 hours.

Who is it catering to?

It is pointless to argue if Lost Ark is P2W.

We have to argue what is “P2W” first.
Everyone has their own definition for P2W. Since we do not accept the P2W as the same meaning. Arguing if LA is P2W will not progress.

But I can tell you how do I see about Lost Ark.
First of all, for me, a game is P2W when the game does not allow to progress at any point or any way if user don’t pay money. If the game allows you to enter any content existing in the game at some point without money. it is not P2W.

Some people are saying releasing Argos is P2W.
They are pointing out some reasons:

  1. When you clear Argos, you have 100percent guaranteed Legendary Engraving Auction.
  2. It gives you 1.6K gold.
  3. Legendary Accessory

My opinion

  1. As they enters Argos, Legendary engraving price will fall. It is about economics, I mentioned this in few post, so I’m not gonna argue.
  2. If you are complaining about just 1.6K gold… Are you starving?
  3. Legendary Accessory from Argos is only for 1370+. Even though its price is very high. They are not making gold but just exchanging. It does NOT affect economy or make them rich.

Then, are they complaining about Argos release because they are entering it first when Majority cannot enter it?
In MMORPG history, End game content is not for majority user but for end-spec hardcore or whales.
They deserve entering these first because they are the key - customer that Amazon wants to hold.
One of Human-being basic desire, being better than others, is what makes them to pay.
If I exaggerate a little bit, hundreds and thousands of people that is not paying money in this game is allowed to play because a big whale is spending thousands and thousands of dollar on this game.
But the problem is
If there is a extremely huge gap that will never be caught, F2P users are not gonna play as they are feeling so frustrated, then big whale is going to quit the game after all.

So, the most important thing we have to argue with is

  1. Does LA have power limit?
  2. Being very powerful harms others?
  3. Can F2P reach there in the future(not too long period)?

the answer for this as an very experienced player

  1. Yes, it does. As you are honing more and more, the success rate is going down extremely even below 1 percent.
  2. No. PvP content is equalized and it is not even the main content.
  3. Yes. as now end content is for 1370+, it is not gonna take too long for majority of player follow up to 1370 as it is “door content” in long term after all. As SG is planning to catch up KR version update on Western LA. Everything is going to progress whether majority players did not catch up or they don’t want. FYI, There is a thing called “Story Express” and “Hyper Express” which boosts your item level 1415 very fast. I’m expecting they are going to release these at least June. Which means, even new players are gonna play Valtan, the first Legion raid. T1, T2 honing success rate will be modified as KR did. But just now isn’t the point to do that.

As a result, is Lost Ark a P2W game?
My answer, No.

If a person cannot accept people on whale mode or very luckier than him, this isn’t game for him.

My advice to New players:
It is worth to spend time to taste a bit of Lost Ark. But Lost Ark isn’t a game for everyone.
This game is very uncomfortable as they are not explaining the mechanics directly and some details. If you feel frustrate already releasing Argos for 1370+ or ,the major factor, if you feel it is too hard on Abyss dungeon and Guardian raid on Vern~Punika before Nerf, This isnt a game for you. It will be better to find different game.

I’m not gonna re-comment as this is just to give some advice as experienced Lost Ark user from different region.

P.S. Ppl Buying gold from 3rd party is DESTROYING THIS GAME of course.

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@FlyToTheMoon Perfect post. Thanks <3

Do you know why they are still in T3? Because T3 introduced a more horizontal progression with more sets etc.
“they are still in T3” means nothing.

I don’t think that you understand enough about this game. Why do you think the honing changes, more material acquisition would be negative for you? Why are you against it?

You quote the game director, you know what he did indeed say? That global should catch up to KR as soon as possible.

You know what he said today in the stream? That the new area will be 1460ilvl and he thinks most of the people will be able to do it on release since they get to 1445 easy and the rest should be doable.

That’s a completly different mentality from ags’ shown “only the top 0.1% will be able to do the new stuff”


Well this is clearly not the case.

Explain then how people like Kanima that are exactly that, have cleared everything on KR and has played as optimally as possible on NA is only 1355.

Explain how people with 500+ hours are still in that 1340-1370 range.

If you are a hardcore player you should be able to access content. They rushed the content out. Smart ‘baby whales’ that only put in $300-400 and have 3 or 4 characters in T3 can’t even get to 1370.

Yea that’s my only issue with this. They can pay 1k+ now, which obviously is a lot of money.
But they also will make several k’s ingame due to having access to the content that early with no competition. So as a whale you basically get your “investment” back.

I can understand how this would be ok if it’s for 200-300eur, so it would be accessible for many. But rn whaling from 1340 to 1370 is sth around 1k+ eur.

But it goes both ways, due to being like 2months behind these guys eventho I’m close to 1350, I have no need to rush anymore since I’m just not part of that competition anymore

Yeah no…in kr the game has been out for 3 years and not 1 month like here, so they have completly different content and catchup mechanics which is fine.

What you expect is the speed of progression and catchup that kr has without the content of kr and that’s just now how it works. The more of that content we get the more of the catchup mechanis we’ll get as well.

Dude abyssal trials and challenge guardian raids were available to RU at this point in time. Their 1340-1370 progression wasn’t a nightmare like ours. That’s an extra 4000 Guardian Stones and 1000+ Destruction a week that they had and we don’t.

And on top of that their stone price was 50% less. So instead of 300+ per upgrade they were paying only 150 stones.

Not really true as they didn’t get argos after a month either. And we’ll get those soon as well.

And out prices will soon go down as well, so who cares. Your impatience is the problem. You’re like a little kid that crys to his mother that it wants the toy now even tho next week is your birthday and you’ll get it then.

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They had those ways to earn materials which we don’t. The time it took to unlock it is irrelevant.


The last comment,
Having people on 1340~1370 spent 500+hr ISNT a problem for releasing New content as all player will reach there at some point in the future. Being 1340~1370 may feel frustrated for them, but it is irrelevant for releasing new content for 1370+. The real problem is, There are people 1370+ that have done all existing content and waiting for new content.

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