An idea of how to encourage more players to switch to EUW

So a little about me. I bought the Founder’s Pack, and started playing Lost Ark on the day it was launched, during the 3 day headstart. I picked server Thirain, because I wanted to play with people who spoke English, and knew too many people were going to Zinnervale. Well the headstart was rather smooth, and I really enjoyed myself. But then came the F2P… And since then if I wanted to play, I knew I had to log on in the morning, and not log off till I’m done playing. I thought that the hype would calm down, and eventually the queues would get better. So I claimed my Twitch drops and Celebration Gift, thinking I’d keep playing there. But now it’s been almost 3 weeks, and queues are getting worse. Even when I log on in the morning there’s a queue already. I have to keep my PC running all day, and checking if I don’t get kicked for being AFK. I can’t play when I want, I have to play when I can. That’s not fun. So I finally caved in, and decided to move to EUW. There’re never any queues, and I can finally relax, and not worry about not being able to play when I feel like it. Now I know there’s no easy solution to fix the queues right away, but there’re ways to encourage people to switch. Twitch drops being given to us is already a step in the right direction, but what I propose, is give everyone Celebration Gift again if they move to EUW.

Please give the Celebration Gift again to people who move to EUW.