An in-depth Arcana/Arcanist guide

Wondering now if an other class can do the same :smiley: Like gunslinger ?!

I can’t tell you about Gunslinger but I doubt it would work, and I think there’s way better options for it.
For what I know tho, the Scouter can play with Barricade because with Escape (skill) you get a six seconds shield with the third tripod. Destroyer also will need Barricade.

If I catch you. To make use on barricade, u need to set protection runes on High damage skill with low cooldown.

Yes it is the case for Arcana, it is not for most of the class.

The thing is, Arcana has little use of other runes, the only one very interesting to get besides the x3 Protection is the Purify one and the Gale, other than that, they are not necessary, you can use a bleeding one if you want, but only the Legendary rune.

I couldn’t find the uptime on the protection rune, do you have it plz ?

The uptime for the Protection rune is one second, so you will just have time to use a second skill after using one of your red skills or prepare a combo with The Fate of Death for example.

Like the combo would be:

Apply 4 Doom Cards > prepare The Fate of Death > Before the hit of The Fate of Death appears use any Red Skill to use the doom cards at the exact same time during The Fate of Death and the Red Skill.

Like this, you’ll get the full damage from the Ultimate + the Red Skill and give a boost of 16% with Barricade to the Fate of Death at the same time.

But another combo could be:

Spiral Edge for the first somersault to finish applying 4 Doom Cards > Red Skill (the best would be Secret Garden) > Using the second somersault of Spiral Edge.

Like this you get the damage bonus for the second Spiral Edge’s somersault.

Thx for the answer. Really clear :slight_smile:

(I switched this guide to the Tips and Guides from the Class Discussion category).

Outstanding guide. You make me proud to be a arcana main.

Just waiting for release

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This guide have been heavily updated to cover now Tripods, Runes, Gems and Card Set.
Also, adjustment have been made and some mistakes have been corrected.

Thanks for reading! :grin:

Thank you SO SO MUCH for this guide, I met lost ark bc of Arcana and I felt in love with her and the game.

I have a question, after these changes in KR, some top player changed to use Class Engrav at lvl 3

Is it better?

Really excited for release. Also, sorry for my english :anguished:

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It’s more of a preference thing as it’s viable at 1 or 3, personally I’m aiming for 333331 with the 1 being empress grace, maybe change that to 2 with the new tier of accessories since that top player is 333332

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Thanks for reading!

As @Lieu stated, it’s more or less a preference thing. I’m also planning to go 333331.
Having 1 or 3 is kinda the same in all things considered, and just having at 1 is more viable (and should cost less in the long run).

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A very nice in depth guide. This explains pretty much everything we need to know beforehand. Arcana seems interesting with a lot of rng aspects with the identity meter. It seems like a fun class and I would like to try it out to see how it’s like.

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Summoning arcana in Juneeeee. Everything for her is ready to go


Every arcana main are ready like this. :joy:

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Ofc. Already memorize all her cards and playstyle, gem ready, engravings ready lolol. I think I have enough mats for her to 1445. Would be really dissapointed if they delay her again like in Destroyer released …

Very complete guide thank you. What would you say are the best engravings for a 4x3 +1 empress relic build ? Or rather, which engraving do you not take between Adrenaline, Hit master, Barricade if the build is only 4x3

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OMG this is amazing hard work to introduce the class.
I wish there was more people you ErucaFurukawa.

Thank you :heart:

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Hi, thank you for your reading!
If you go only 4x3 I would suggest you to drop Adrenaline since for the relic set it’s only at 2, but be sure to have a necklace that you give you nice crit, like try to have a necklace at least at over 80. Since you’ll run with Hit Master you’ll search for more flat damage than trying to crit (which you do with KBW).

Appreciate you.

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Which argos set she uses?

Since you don’t have much crit as in to be your sub-stats, you need to take the Solar Set.

First of all ty for the info on arcana all in one place.
But i saw few comments that u give about how some combos could be played out.
Could you give us rundown of usual rotation and how it looks like. I do understand that RNG plays BIG part in it but still just so we can get idea how it works. And if u have any additional tips like one u gave about using Awakening then use red skill to get shield so awakening dmg benefits from barricade. That thing is gold. Info itself can be found easy.
Will try the class out i love Invoker in Dota so i presume i will like arcana as well, will try it for my main or at least first alt.
Sould arcana use conviction/judgment runes or would that be too much to keep track of? or any other reason for not using it maybe the set bonus so it will fill your mana too fast ?

First of all you are welcome! :slight_smile:

Well the only thing I can tell you it’s to watch a gameplay video of Valtan for exemple (since you might know the fight) to see how the rotation look like, as you stated, your Tarot Card will play a big role on how the fight will look like, but in the end the rotation is stacking up the Doom Cards with the blue skills (like scratch dealer) and then when you stacked up 4 Doom Cards you’ll use your Return before using red skills (Celestial Rain for example) to make tons of damage with it.
The usual rotation would be :

Stack up 4 Doom Cards > Return > First Ruin Skill > Stack 4 Doom Cards > Second Ruin Skill.

Scratch Dealer + Quadra > Return > Celestial Rain > Double Spiral Edge > Secret Garden. (This is just an exemple of rotation, it can change depending of the fight, situations, and cards you can get), (Don’t forget to add Call of Fate in your rotation).

You have to know that for exemple (these numbers are wrong, it’s just to give a idea) if you use Celestial Rain with 1 Doom Card you’ll hit at 40k (no crit) and if you use it with 4 Doom Cards you’ll hit at 100k.

There is two different type of damage when you use a red sklll with cards, for exemple if you use Celestial Rain with no cards stacked on the enemy you’ll have only one basic damage, though if you use it with cards you’ll have the basic damage + the stack damage it would be like this :
Enemy with 0 Doom Card = 100,000.
Enemy with 4 Doom Card = 100,000 + 1,000,000.
So that’s why it’s important to use red skills when you can maximise the damage from it.

As for the yellow skills, you use them in between of all or after doing the combo.

For the combo of Tarot Card + skills, there is so many possibilities that it’s impossible to tell you everything, but to give an idea, you would prefer to use Culling when you know you’ll hit with a red skills with 4 Doom Cards to be sure to crit and add more power.
Or you can also use Culling + Judgement with a red skill to have same power as mentioned before but without bothering stacking up before.

And no, you don’t want to run Conviction/Judgement because if you go Empress, you’ll regen your mana plenty enough to be oom.