An in-depth Arcana/Arcanist guide

Hi! I would just want to ask if 4x3 and 1 will be achievable at legendary accessory? If so what should I take ? And is it okay to go 4x3 with level 3 empress?

Ty for the answer. Will check out some vids. Is it the CD u get from conviction judgment not good?

For Empress I suggest you to stop at level 1, going further is viable if you want a cheap engraving build, but it would be better at level 1 and the other at 3.
For the Legendary accessory, if you don’t have engraving books at x12, the best build you can get is 33321 with Empress at 1.
Though if you have two engraving books at x12 you can get 33331.

Thanks for this reply! Since Im trying to figure out how I would do the engravings, would it be okay to go grudge 3 barricade 3 hitmaster 3 adrenale 2 empress 1?

You don’t need the reduction of CD from it because your skills CD are already very low.
Both of the effect you can get it from it are kinda useless of Arcana. :slight_smile:

Yeah arcanas tend to just run 8 cd gems with 3 damage gems to make up for the lack of swift


Nice guide man, hat down.

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Hi, thank you so much for this well detailed guide. I plan to main arcana on NA release. However I was curious if it’d still be worth using barricade if I only currently have two protection runes and not three. I’m hoping in time to have the third.

Hey, thank you!
If you don’t have the epic and/or the legendary protection rune, you can still use blue ones, the amount of shield is not important since we jsut getting the damage from it.
But yes it is possible to play barricade with only 2 protections runes only and then get your third one over time.
Though, if you don’t want to play before you get the three of them, you can always use Conviction and Judgment and drop Barricade then if you do that you can go with Grudge 3/Hit Master and/or Adrenaline 3/Empress 1~3.
Though, you would want to get rid of the Jud/Conv when you’ll have the Nightmare set.

First off, thank you very much for the guide!
A quick question, do we still want crit as the substat on our necklace instead of swift or something even if we’re going hit master and no KBW?

Hello, you are very welcome!
Yes, you’ll want swift only if you go emperor, otherwise you’ll take crit for empress.
The adre will give you tons of crit so you shouldn’t worry about it.

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Hello, i have a question about Emperor Relic set buid.
I saw some arcanist play with Domination Fangs set (not NightMare set).
How about mana issue with this set ?


quick question regarding new build engravings for playing arcana as an 1370-1400 budget alt with 2x9 engraving books, making 3x3+1.

the prio for engravings will be then:

Empress Grace lvl 1
Grudge lvl 3
Cursed Doll lvl 3
Barricade lvl 3 ?

Or do i get hit master lvl 3 instead of cursed doll or barricade?


Very well done!

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Very useful! 10/10

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Hey, there sadly I never tried it myself, I can’t tell you how is it for the mana, but I think that if you run emperor build you’ll get enough star cards to catch up with the loss of mana.
I can’t tell you more than this, sorry!

Hey there!
It’s up to you tbh, you can either choose Cursed Doll or Hit Master, I think the DPS will be similar.
I think you can also go for Adrenaline 3 for an even cheaper choice.
So in the end the choice is yours, if you don’t mind having two bad sides with Grudge and CD, you can totally go for it.
If you want to go for a cheap engraving build, Barricade is mandatory.

Hi thanks for the guide, will most likely refer to it a lot in a few weeks.

Question for Emperor, we can most likely run barricade with it anyway, right?
I also thought of going emperor 3 empress 1. I have yet to test the class and I’m really eager to play.


You are welcome!

I think you can run Barricade if you want, but it’s not the best you can have. I never tried running emperor with Barricade myself so I can’t tell you more than that, but it might work, though you’ll lose dps overall I think.

There will be a punika pass or something when the arcana is realesed?