An in-depth Arcana/Arcanist guide

They announced a Punika pass and an Express Mission, but no one knows when will it be.

You can find info here:

And the roadmap where they talked about it first:

She can’t come fast enough

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Before anything, thanks for all of this information as someone who just know a few of arcanist this will help me a lot! so I wanted to ask a noob question but I didn’t get this clear before, I think arcanist have back positions but they use hit master engraving, even if you do the positioning you will get the engraving effect or u just have to skip the positional? Thanks again :heart_hands:

Hey, you are very welcome!

If you run Hit Master and you use a skill who is either Front or Back attack, Hit Master won’t apply to it.
Though for Arcana it’s a bit special.
I explain in this post ( An in-depth Arcana/Arcanist guide - #41 by ErucaFurukawa ) that when you use a Ruin (red) Skill with the Doom Cards you get two types of damage, the basic damage coming from the skill itself and the “extra” damage coming from the stacks.
In the case of Serendipity (front attack) and Secret Garden (back attack) the base damage won’t increase with Hit Master but the damage done by the stacking effect is gonna increase thanks to Hit Master and since this will be the highest damage (and the concept of Empress build) you’ll only gain by having Hit Master on them so in the end the calculation will be:
Secret Garden = Base Damage 100.000 (No change with HM) + Stack Damage 300.000 (Changing with HM).

I hope it’s clear enough!


Alright thanks! now I get it, the important dmg is not the skill itself, are the stacks

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This is a really good arcana player to refer to if you want to run emperor, they were recently on a video with a youtuber called kanon, their build for emperor looks so fun honestly

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Question for the record tho: why most Arcanas when going into burst mode or using ulti, press spacebar for dash?

To cancel the ult animation