An issue with sea gates and its minimum requirement for the coop mission

This happened twice to me so far. I entered a sea gate and the instance it put me had only 4 players. since this is a competition that means 2 teams with 2 players. Minimum for this coop quest to get rewards is 50 percent which is 2000 points out of 4000. The time limit is 5 minutes. This is impossible to achieve with two people in this time frame. You do not earn the reward for the coop i get that but why cant we use our keys to open the chest as well? Excluding harmony, a gate for a coin is only spawns 3 times a week. And because my instance was empty i cant use my keys and have to wait. Is this a huge problem? No. I wasted 10 mins and thats it. Is it annoying and still a problem? Yes. Scaling either the 4000 point requirement or the minimum 50 percent reqirement with the player count in the instance would solve this problem or a bandaid fix of still letting you use your keys even if the quest fails.

When did you attempt to play?

Last time I went through a gate and there’s only 6 players, 3v3 and my team managed to hit minimum requirements and over.