An Update to Fraud Prevention in Lost Ark

As we continue to improve and increase our protections against malicious actors and behaviors in Lost Ark, we are making adjustments to our tools and systems that prevent fraudulent purchases.

In March, we rolled out a fraud prevention system that requires players to have a ‘Trusted’ status through Steam or Lost Ark in order to access specific social and economic systems such as initiating player-to-player trades, sending in-game gifts and mail with attachments, and exchanging royal crystals for gold. In order to ensure we are continuing to keep legitimate players safe from the negative impacts of fraudulent purchases and the damaging effect this has on the player economy, starting today we are testing a roll out of additional measures that will require players that are not already ‘Trusted’ through Lost Ark (but have a ‘Trusted’ Steam account) to have two-factor mobile authentication set up on their Steam account to earn Trusted status.

Two-factor authentication is a great way add an extra layer of security to protect your Steam and Lost Ark accounts, and we encourage all Arkesians to activate Steam’s Mobile Authenticator. To learn more about Steam’s two-factor authentication and how to set it up, please visit the Steam Support website. Please note it may take several hours for your account to become ‘Trusted’ after activating two-factor authentication for the first time.

This change will not immediately be active for all players; we are planning on applying this requirement to a small amount of players to start, and increasing this number over time. This will allow us to closely monitor the impacts of this new requirement to ensure legitimate players are not being locked out of gameplay systems. If you run into any difficulties or have feedback for our teams after experiencing these changes, please share your experience with us on the official forums.

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UPDATE: This system is now operating in full; please turn on the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator for your account and let us know if you experience any issues achieving ‘Trusted’ Status on your account.