Analysis: How much gold can your alt produce?

Hello everyone, this is Moocaky, a F2P bard main from NA East.

As a guy who likes to speak with data, starting from the doubt about decreased drops from Chaos dungeon, I began to collect data of the amount guardian/destruction stones, honor / great honor leapstones from daily activities.

Then I made my first video about 1340 and 1370 material drops and gold income comparison.
Lost Ark | Gold Generating Alts at 1340 or 1370?
If you feel the amount I am using in the video is not correct, please feel free to point out.

I hope this video can help people identify at which ilvl they want to park their charaters at, or better unnderstand how much gold an alt can generate every week for them.

If you have different ideas than mine, please leave a comment under this post or the video. Also if you want to see more analysis on silver making, cost of upgrade, etc., I’ll try my best to get those number for you.

Thanks all :slight_smile: