Analysis of the relationship between the current shortage of gold coins and valtan

First of all, let’s quote a demo. If you keep playing 8 hours a week, it’s a very short time for MMO.

Most players have started the P2 and P3 journey of agros, but it’s easy to find that players don’t have enough gold coins to pay.
This is because the player gives too much material in the process of catching up (especially for the success rate of 1370gs-1340gs)

We know that args can generate 2700 gold coins per week, which is an important source of income for most F2P players, but it is not enough.

So what I want to say today is that I suggest not to think that valtan was released too early in the April update.
I have the following views,
First of all, in the next two weeks, the first and second weeks of April, players will have enough time to crusade on args, which makes F2P players’ GS close to 1400 and produce Argos suits.

During the main line process in the south of Bern, players will get more materials and approach 1415 in about a week. There is no doubt, because if all equipment is not honing on average, it will make the equipment on players exceed + 15 (each enhancement provides 2.5 GS), and not all equipment is strengthened to + 15 on average.

So don’t complain that the game is released too often. The game needs to constantly update the content to retain players.

At the same time, I also want to say that the new content can prevent script behavior. When players who really love the game enter the next stage of the game, script behavior will be restrained, because all the revenue generated by the script will be used for trading rather than promotion. The new content will reduce the benefits of robots and keep the game healthy.

Through the experience of KR servers,Valtan as the most interesting part of the game, I really hope to let more players experience the real fun of the game.

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I agree with Valtan, if it’s not April, it’ll be in May update, and I feel like May is way too late.

Here I would like to take this opportunity to add that if the game progress of the US WEST is followed (because I am not playing on other servers), the most appropriate time should be the third week of April (4.28), because there is a week’s buffer time for players to tidy up their equipment and prepare new content. Or the AGS can further improve the income brought by the activity or reduce the gold coins used for grinding to shorten this time.

How much copium does it take to believe that F2P or any other players can go from 1400 to 1415 in one week without any heavy investments?

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NOT in 1 week, Still have 3 WEEK for 1400 to 1415 lol

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Maybe I just misunderstood it but this part looks like you are expecting players to get 1400 in the first 2 weeks and then from 1400 to 1415 in the following one.

What if your not 1400 yet like i dunno 99.5% of the playerbase


Not really.
The vast majority of players still seems to be below 1370.

So lets hold back on Valtan till mid Mai and focus on supporting content first. So that players that might be able to get to Argos this id have enough time to catch up before new content drops.

How uneducated about this game have someone to be to think 1415 is needed for ANYTHING in the next 2 months? What for should anyone be that high except for those who don’t have any other accomplishments in life than being big on one number in the game a lacking stats and skill points because they didn’t do anything else.

Waht about pleasing everyone and releasing content, and skins and all, so if you wanna take your time you do, if you want to pay you do, if you have lots of time to play you can enter, if you are bellow the GS to enter you will with time… so everyone is happy ?
I don’t get why people would be mad to miss content at release when

A) they want and are proud to be F2P players that contribute nothing to keep the game alive (not whaling but spending some)
B) don’t have much time to play so cry that others can enter content they can’t
C) input any worthless reason

Over time everyone will do all content, let grinders and more paying paying people get their content now, and you’ll join the fun shortly.

This is not uneducated, this is smart

I haven’t spent much, but i have main at 1390, 4 alts at 1340, and another at 980…
I’m gonna do P3 Argos this week… and the week after, and after until valtan comes out… how much do you think we should wait for casual to catch up ? NONE

They will get there at their own pace, and that’s fine !

I hope valtan comes out fast, because yeah the gold i can generate per week is very low, when each of my honing cost so much

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Valtan is gonna be in May most likely and it requires 1415. We are on a monthly content update schedule and pushing Valtan all the way to June 16th is too slow.

The problem isn’t access per se.

It’s the rewards it gets and the advantage you have of being able to clear the content as soon as possible.

I don’t mind waiting until I get there. But the way you can cobtrol the market with the drop you get (either raw gold or good accessories) makes this an incentive to be able to be there as soon as possible.

If you make that content only accessible to either very hardcore players or whales it creates a larger wealth gap between those and average players.

I just hit T3 with my main this past weekend. I’ve been playing every day a little bit which is probably more than the average player but less than a hardcore one.

There already is a large income gap. Release Valtan now before average players even can clear Argos and you just make that gap even larger.

Imagine the wealth they can accumulate by selling Legendary and Relic accessories with having time to farm them in higher raids for the pleb getting there.

But you don’t think players who spend more time in the game or are willing to pay for the game can get more gold sources. Is it what you want more robots to continue to destroy the game?

There will always be players being there faster.

But right now the amount of players who can access the latest content and Valtan if it were released in April is just too small.

At the rate I’m going it’ll take me at least 2 weeks if not more (gold problem) to even access Argos.

If Valtan comes out in April it’ll open up a bigger gap of wealth.

Having a gap is kinda normal. But the size of that gap is what’s concerning. Just like in the real world XD.

well since its most likely delayed by about a month we have 3-5 weeks.

Honestly, if they release Valtan before any of the other stuff to help boost players to 1415 I’m done.

All the whales and no life streamers can enjoy the game while it lasts.

I already play an unhealthy amount so if I cannot make these raids on release there is no point in playing the game for me. I play the game for raids, not side island content.

Also, right now streamers are no lifing the game but they will follow the crowd. Nobody streams a dead game. Unreal expectations to for a normal person to mimic a f2p streamer too. Streamers are legit no bar we should look at as they are unhealthy and get paid to play the games.

Wait do you really think the playerbase curve is at 1400? Are you high?

Queing for orehas well hard takes forever, that should tell you thats not the case

not sure why people are complaining about running out of gold, because it’s not a deal breaker here.
doing una’s task will give you at least 2000 gold per week, if you are unlucky. you get around 2500 gold from hard abbys and argos. so means around 4500 gold/week, without selling anything on market.
I am a F2P player, and reached 1380 GS, with only 1 main and one T1 alt (and not feeding my main by selling mats). to push to 1385, on average I need 2300 for armor + 900 for weapon . so without selling any mats, even if I get unlucky, still I should have enough gold to progress the game. as a player who spend a lot playing a day, I see silver and honor shards and leapstones causing more trouble than gold.

so, if you reached 1370 and built your costly argos armor, and got bankrupted, and thought that it will going to worse. it happened to me as well. I suggest you to do some calculations and prepare yourself for upgrades. I use maxroll online calculator to estimate the costs and see what should I do or what should I do not

Of course, if only the main story content is improved, the gold coins are completely enough for GS.

But when you need to start collecting, complete your engraving, and even upgrade your home level and upgrade your gems. You will find that this game consumes your gold coins everywhere, and you can’t use the game time to make up for it.