And another false positive ban

My sisters account was hit.
Yesterday we played together, today she’s banned. That’s just ridiculous
We are 5 brothers and 2 sisters in the family and we are all considering quitting. The game is no longer fun.

By the way, my sister’s character names on Slen are:
and two others.

My sister doesn’t want to wait for those great “copy and paste” emails and is about to uninstall the game.
And that’s only because a system blocks players for completely inexplicable reasons. You don’t even get to know the reason, which is also completely absurd.

The only reason I could think of is:

My sister was here with us in Hessen last week. She lives in North Rhine-Westphalia. The reason was my father’s funeral. Of course she used a different IP this week. But no VPN or proxy.
But why it should have taken a week until the ban was pronounced is again in the stars

Seems like you were gonna quit even if your sister wasn’t banned, since your family found it no longer fun!

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We are still thinking. We all have between 500 and 800 hours of play and were in the process of putting together an abyss dungeon group. With crap like that, you lose your interest in playing.

is this a joke?

First my sister was banned, now it’s me?

Slowly but surely, the whole thing is just plain ridiculous.