This is getting really annoying.

How do you think it is ok to inform about patch-content only 12h in advance?
Please do it like any other game and communicate when you are releasing content (and when not).

If you see a majority of Forum users speculating that content is to be released at a set date (based on previous limited experience because you are constantly dead silent): How about telling us that the content won’t come this week IF you really didn’t plan on releasing it this week (which I find hard to believe, considering the weird additional week of login rewards - the fact that you give us a single additional week instead of a new month like you did before hints towards a delay due to unforseen problems).

So it is one of two things:
Either you planned on releasing it this week and couldn’t (which would be ok - sometimes shit happens) but decided it would be better to tell us it wasn’t planned for this week anyway OR you really didn’t plan to release it this week and left us in the dark.

Both of those are really bad, since they erode the little trust that you have left (after delaying the Roadmap into infinity for no clear reason (sorry, but its so vague - you can’t tell me that you couldn’t have given us that earlier) most of it was used up anyway.

To be clear:
Its ok that the monthly update got delayed (see above) - what is not ok is the timeframe in which it is communicated IF you really didn’t plan on releasing or the lie if you did.

These are the only 2 possible scenarios and both are very bad…

What would have been totally acceptable is something like this:

“We planned to do the April Content Update this week, but there were unforseen problems.
We are sorry this happened and put together a week of additional Attendance Rewards while you wait for us to solve the problem.”

In case it really wasn’t planned you could have said something like this:
"We know many of you expected the April update this week.
While we never planned on releasing it this week we still tried but it couldn’t be done, we understand your frustration about this and hope you accept our appology.

We are working on communicating things like this better in the future"

The second of course depends on you actually doing this (And maybe start with having more than one official in your Game Feedback Forum which gets reduced to 0 when they have to do sth in their private life like move places or take a vacation…).

Make us feel like value customers instead of stepkids you had to accept in order to marry a rich husband(or wife)