And people have problems hitting T3?

NA west

Congrats on the achievement. Just out of curiosity, how much $ you spent?


Congrats on the achievement. Just out of curiosity, how much RMT you spent?


Why do you assume this is OP’s?

Total RMT. Of course still playing the game like nothing happened, sad as f.


not mine just seen in the wild

Perfect example why content release delay in our version is justified lol.

If you aren’t in t3 now, you aren’t playing the game.


I have 24 characters on 1490 since last month already!

What are you guys doing? :thinking:


Start banning gold buyers, you slackers.
Those gems alone are worth more than 2 million gold. Crazy farmer this guy kekw


Tbh, with current events I got a character without pass but with express to t3 in 3 days casually.

Hitting t3 has been easy with all the events and just doing the stuff on islands etc. Hitting 1340 is also easy, 1340+ is grindy but manageable.

If you aren’t t3 and playing since launch, let’s be real, you aren’t playing. By this point you could do it playing 3h per week.


I do play the game and I am still T1. I do side quests, islands. Sure, I could jump to T2 immediately, my bank is full of honing mats, but I dont want to.

I enjoy finishing content before moving on.

This menthality to rush through video games, was never very appealing to me.

Or you are just enjoying the game?


that’s good and all… no one should ever rush you. But it becomes a problem when the same ppl like you start crying on the forums that they can’t reach high ilvl for new content in time :confused:


It takes 10 minutes to run 2 chaos dungeons. If you have been playing since launch and you have spent 10 minutes every 3/4 days you would already have enough to be in t3. That’s ignoring everything you get from events and islands.

My statement doesn’t change)

I would’ve believed the post wasn’t RMT if you hadn’t shown all level 10 gems. That shit is the REAL money sink. 1460 with Level 7 gems would be more realistic for ultra hardcore F2P gamers.

With express pass there is no excuse to not be in T3. Now 1415 I can see people having some struggle.

And people wonder why there are long queues on na west

1490 full 10 gems is definitely RMT. Level 10 gem depending on the moment when you buy them can go up to 60-80k gold alone. No matter how good were your market flipping skills, Argos drops, early mats selling etc, gems alone are up to 700k gold alone.

Classic F2P in their natural habitat.


Yes, that is exactly what I am implying. And no, level 10 gems are over 240k gold PER GEM assuming a generous low balling estimate. Getting 11 level 10 gems is already 2.6 million gold value on a low end estimate. Considering there are barely any Glavier gems on the marketboard (it was already a struggle finding level 5’s and 6’s), then consider an extra 1 million gold in inefficient silver exchanges re-rolling level 10 gems.

Depending on the server, on NAE you could get level 7 gems for 6-10k depending on a time frame from release, and merge them up.