And... they are back again

As always all the measures they try, bots bypass them in a matter of days, we are back to almost 200k, im, just wondering why is it so hard to implement a verification system, your not gonna turn players away that wants to play, and those that have something against it would have left anyway.
And i hope u understand that banning dosn’t work, all these farming bots have automated system to create new accounts in matter of seconds.


Asmongold says no to verification so that’s more than half of the lost ark community who look up to him :joy:

You’re wrong, it would turn players away that want to play. I have 3400 hours and I’m 25, with no cell phone and no form of ID. If this game is going to require something I don’t even have to provide, I would quit

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No cellphone and no ID at 25 age?


Also, if you guys add the DC issues, even if you are sent to the server select, you will have to authenticate again, which will be more annoying than the DC itself.

and you will not be missed.
there are already thousands of companies in marketing that have you email and phone number already by now, and your worried about a verification in a game…


well you cant really expect more from someone like him and hes followers.

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Also these are the type of people who are using facebook/tiktok/instagram all day but they think a game will steal every personal data.


I think it’s more of a question of not wanting to hand personal information to just play a game.

But its already out there, if there are still people that belive they’r data is safe just because they dont hand it over personally they’r safe, bruh they need to start getting smart faster.
They can uns google authetificator or create they’r very own app or something like that… just to make bots not hack stuppid measures just by useing the some code on a pc, that the only way to get rid of them.


I don’t think you’re even able to read English, I clearly stated I have no cell phone, therefore I do not have a phone number

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You have internet but no cellphone. ok.


Almost impossible due to South american and european laws, you must have to have a different solution for every region, in europe almost for every country

Discord asks for phone and noone cares, but here they foam at the mouth at the idea.

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ok then caveman, why are u even using the internet?


W8 W8… so you say Europe is not single country? damn the more we know :rofl:

hope your joking…

Discord ask’s for Phone Identification
Riot Games asked for Phone identification in League of Legends (NA based)

Almost certain it can be done in North America, Europe and South East Asia at the very least.

The only reason OW2 didn’t get the go ahead on it was because of community backlash, they would only need to tie Phone Identification to the Auction house and Mail.

I’m a 40 yr old who just got out of jail. No identification, no job, no cellphone. I live with my mom and I love lost ark :person_tipping_hand:

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cant expect much from someone like you who cant even type.

" omg streamer so bad i dont like strimr "