And they did it again

Are you kidding me that you need be 1375 ilvl to open boss rush chest??
So you make it lot harder new players get ilvls and us make alts.
More and more stupid ideas huoh what next?

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never actually taking notice
what’s the minimum ilvl before the patch?

To be T3 so 1302 or whatever it is

Don’t new players have the mokoko buff or some buff that essentially boosts them up to like 1415/1445 with a lot of assistance when it comes to honing such as reduce material needed per tap/not requiring gold anymore/boosted chances + artisan energy?

1302 to enter T3 boss rush is correct


Apart from that you want to be at least 1370 anyway for Oreha Hard and Argos so 1375 isn’t that far. You can still use T2 gems up to this point if you really need to grind but majority of the legit playerbase won’t be affected much

No, not exactly. They have a reduction in materials and gold, however, the reduction in gold only last till around +5/6 which is around item level 1340.

So above that item level, you’ll still have to pay gold till 1370 and the cost between 1370 and 1375 is pretty high around 200ish gold per tap if I remember.

A mokoko currently in any version that is not the latest KR version can not reach 1415 with the current new player buffs off the bat or even close to the bat. It’ll take some time.

I can confirm as I’m a new player in RU with the same buff as you guys.

They are playing the long game with the bots. My question will the players or the game be around when all these little hindrances are meant to really affect the bots?