And thus, the new wave has begun

The summer skins and event! Finally! The biggest event in Lost Ark and the most… uh… visually pleasing skins :heart_eyes: (personally I’m excited for my Destroyer to be in his shorts with his cute little squeaky hammer).

No more complaining about censorship or lack of skins (as we all know, the summer skins are the only skins worth existing).

Oh, but the most exciting thing? 1370 hyper express to get your new Arcana up to speed with the game, when the next raid coming in a month is 1475! Absolutely fantastic!

Of course, you can’t be mad, this is AGS and SG we’re talking about, if you thought it was going to be anything better than this, you must be Kakul Saydon yourself!

Seriously though, the game never fails to disappoint. And if you tell people that they should set their expectations lower, you’re inadvertently admitting that it’s disappointing yourself. Because they shouldn’t.

They decided to take it slow releasing classes, fine (not at all, actually, but whatever, they won’t change their stance on that so it’s done). BUT if they don’t release classes quickly, the least they can do is allow players of those classes to play the latest content on that class.

A 1370 ‘express’ (is it really qualified to be called an express? sounds more like someone pushing you in a golf cart) is not cutting it at this point.

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other regions aren’t 5 month old

So we are getting a free 1370 alt and you guys moan? So entitled…

Super happy about it. Will hoard mats to bring and alt bard that was neglected to 1415 after the express. Easy peasy super savings.

No It needs to be 1415 because it will solve the support shortage and also end world hunger

I like the idea of a 1370 pass for new(?) players. Because it’s quite apparent that most of the current players can’t even run the lower raids well-enough. Pretty sure people need the lower learning phases.

But but but the people in other regions got this and I didn’t :sob:

Grow up! Free 1370 and they are releasing bikini skins.

no. You need a Punika character already to use Punika pass. And you need 1302 character to be able to use express pass to 1370. It doesn’t apply to new players (and bots).

Just because I’m at 1302+, doesn’t mean I’m even remotely good at the raids. I haven’t even tried most of the higher “skilled” raids because of how casual I am. Companies will always cater to casuals because that’s where most of their money come from. So, you won’t get a 1415+ until that’s where they are.

So w/e you consider noob or new, I rather people spend sometime and learn the raids before running the higher tier ones because they won’t know anything about gearing, engravings or mechs.

well i think the pass quite useless well 8 char sitting on 1370 - 1400 at least it will be an option to be played after proper honing buffs maybe …
And i don’t know what u are taling about what the hell changes 1 1415 … u have to grind there and its a bad spot to park so basically u have to up further soo why not getting people into it on a proper spot

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You call 1415 a proper spott?

The cancer honing starts there and going with 0 gear and 0 engravings (new players) into valtan is a better idea?

Nah, 1370 is very fine.

its basically the same … if u hone with express u have equally +15 all so its just 1 upgrade at each item to progress … its way better and rewarding as the 1415 expierience … and well u get easy argos gear and usually purple engraving like i said 3x3 maybe a bit more …
but lets be real here who will even start this game now …

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