And why isn't this guy banned yet?


hopefully some1 from AGS will see this and get rid of that trash and his in-game “crew”



Hes not breaking any rules. No real money is exchanged. Yes its dumb i know but thats why.

multi accounts and botting isn’t against the rules?


The bus driver isnt botting, just carrying the bots. Hes only using ingame systems and not exchanging real money so its not against TOS. To be blunt even if it was TOS isnt enforced. Look at all the t1 t2 accessories selling for literally millions of gold daily. People advertising pilot runs in party finder. No one is afraid of getting banned. Again im with you this is all stupid as hell, but thats the truth of it all.


The sad truth is so long as those bus drivers are being paid in in-game gold, they’re not responsible for the people they are carrying. It’s not the drivers job to police Party Finder and make sure that everyone in the raid are legit players or not.

Are they bots/multi-boxers? For sure, but every one of them if asked can and will type to you, they will obey the rules of the run and they will buy your accessory from the market. That really is all any bus driver asks.

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Why would he? Game is allowing Bussing. Which i don’t support and insist them to forbid it. Bussing makes lazy player database, lazy playerbase no end game content which again leads forum cries.


you jealous

Make that 300k gold and sure i’ll do it.

Because bussing is allowed in the game. No real money is exchanged. You can even pilot others for gold, which is allowed.

The kingdom ruled by fear is no worth ruling

wdym pilot other is allowed ? you mean pilot other people account ? because this is not allowed at all

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It’s not allowed officially but it’s also not enforced, so…

should be easy banned since its not a normal price its quite likely that its a multiaccount and he uses it to transfer his bot money …

Are those bots?

Yep, they’ve been riding the argos busses for months.

Lol, so the OP is right, i wonder why people are saying that’s bussing…

3000g for a run or from each passenger?

Guy pays u directly 3k gold if u help him carry his bots. sure seems legit

Lots of people on forum kinda clueless shows the quality of players on here.

The guy is getting paid 3k to bus the run. In order to bus Argos, you need 2 players due to the moon and sun split so the other player will also be paid 3k. It isnt 3k per bot.

The player is essentially not doing anything wrong because it isnt his job to determine what players are bots. These bots could use better names to hide themselves and you would never know. They talk and respond to all your questions.

Basically, each bot is paying 1k gold to get carried. However, they make 2700G per run. Which means the bots make 16200G per run prior to payment and a net profit of 10200G afterwards for doing nothing


sad but not gonna lie these bot buyers are more reliable than regular buyers. They dont afk. They dont take ages to buy someone on AH. And most of all THEY DONT BID ON BOOKS. LMAO all those NHH buyers who bided on no bid book run should just quit the game. Even bots are more decent than u!