Animated series


I read the animated series was supposed to be released on November 16th, but I cannot find it anywhere. I only found the trailer. Could you guys help me out? Thank you.

Episode 1 is up on Lost Ark - YouTube. It’s a whole 78 seconds long.

Heroes of Arkesia - Ep. 1: The Berserker

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Well it’s not like Amazon will whip out Arcane for some questionable game that has yet to bring them $$.

Wat, rofl.

I thought it was going to be an actual series xD…

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Agreed. When I heard about it I figured these would be 10+ minutes each like some shows that have done “webisodes” to build more hype. With time for the logo and such, this is more like 60 seconds per episode. It’s more interesting than doing nothing, though.

How the hell does this have over 500k views and only 500 likes xD…

Dislikes are hidden but I have a hard time believing the rest are just dislikes lol.
Bot views?
I have no clue how this works… But something is weird about it.

only 29 dislikes at the moment. I think it wouldn’t be too egregious unless it was something heavily disliked.

I am actually curious how can you see the dislikes?

I was just kinda baffled by the HUGE amount of views and small amount of likes.
Come to think of it, maybe it’s because it’s being played elsewhere in an add?
I think that’s how it works sometimes, adds link directly to the video and counts as a view?

Something is definitely going on with the views then lol, 670k views and 550 likes.

Gotta be played elsewhere through Youtube.

not sure why the hate,
its something they weren’t even supposed to bring out but decided to do it anyway.
nobody said it would be a 24 minute episode full series.

still din’t say it would be a real series tho… never said it would be 24 min episodes.

i mean anime OVAs are also considered “series” and they’re all 1 - 2 mins long per episode

tru it is dissapointing,

i’ll just see it as an anime OVA giving a lil extra i suppose.

also i’d rather they’d just bring back the old prologue ingame (which might potentionaly happen at launch no sure) than showing it in a video

RIP kentaro miura, he’ll be missed.

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I think I watched episode 1 mistaking it for a trailer… I guess Blizzard’s cinematics spoiled me. That’s the one thing they can do right. Anyway, this animated “series” is a joke.

I think it’s just happening in waves so some people still have the ratio until it completely disappears.

Yeah this feels more like an ad or a teaser.
I was actually expecting a longer series rofl.

Most OVA’s I’ve watched have basically been movies.

Ye its called ONA i just mistook the term

Bump this old thread…
I thought I will be getting full anime series… a bit disappointed with just a teaser…
I hope Netflix take Lost Ark just like they do with DOTA / LoG / Castlevania series. It would be Dope!!

Imagine watching the series while waiting on server queues… not just a class teaser prologue… uuigh :woozy_face:

An animated series with characters named “jikgycicg”, “looool”, " Illbooballl, etc.