Anniversary Event Feedback

Hello @Roxx @ShieldMaiden

I wanna share my insights on the value of the Anniversary Event.

  • very few mats
    Context: for 1 weapon hone attempt on the Brelshaza wep (upper-relic) it costs someone up to 1k obliteration stones. The event gives 200 oblit stones/ week.
    Consider increasing the number so that it’s feasible and feels like a reward worthy of a 1 Year Anniversary Event.

  • one Ancient Gold Coin that means 1000 silver. I mean, what? One upper-relic hone attempt costs 1 mil + silver to juice up.

  • 2000pirate coins/ week. :frowning: smoge

  • 1 leap essence/week - you’ve offered more in previous events. What changed?

  • no Legendary selection card pack? We should’ve had 3 of those!

  • 10 pheons/ week? Triple that to make it decent and according to market requirements.

  • 3 weekly Una Tasks completion tickets? How about 30 of these bad boys. It’s the Anniversary. It’s not supposed to have the same number of stuff that you give at a regular event.

This is an opportunity not only for you to make money, but also (and more importantly) to celebrate us, the players who’ve been pumping this game with money so your business can thrive. The anniversary rewards should be gargantuan because it’s a unique event celebrating us, not you, US the players who’ve invested and will continue to.

While I appreciate to a certain degree the free stuff, they’re simply not in line with the massive event that is your 1st Anniversary of this game.

I want to also advise you please research and inform yourselves about how other regions treated these events and hold Smilegate responsible for providing at least the same amount of rewards. You, Amazon, cannot simply expect Smilegate to be consistent because they may not be. So it’s on you to tell them what we need. And to understand what we need, you guys need to play this game more, so you can understand where players are coming from and leverage that in both the answers you’re offering us and how you speak to Smilegate. It’s the only way you’ll know what to ask of them.

It’s easy to say players are always disgruntled and complaining. While that is true to a certain extent, there is a lot more context that escapes you. Do better research, hold Smilegate accountable for providing the same level of quality and effort, and rewards they’ve previously made, and play this game, please. Otherwise, you’re always wondering “why on Earth can this community never be pleased.” Well, because your efforts lack context and knowledge of the product and your audience. That’s why you’re always flabbergasted and never expect our reactions to be what they are and may misjudge people on the forum as being a minority that complains all the time.

Are your current concurrent player numbers where they should be? Or as initially projected? Because I really think it’s a massive drop from where you thought you would be. And while things are currently decent and nothing to be fearful about, if you continue in this blind mode, this game will…die sooner than intended. And you would not have had the opportunity to get the revenue that you would’ve gotten if you paid attention, did your research, and played the game.

Oh, and you’re missing all the free opportunities to repair your reputation. Reputation translates into revenue and people trying out your products in the future. But you just can’t get a handle on this reputation thing…

Thanks for reading.


Congratulations. :partying_face:

thank you
For what tho?

It’s an amazon-related-meme from the New World-Release-Days.

Oh, I wasn’t aware!
Haha, ouch! :rofl:

A good read, but AGS is prob aware this game will die sooner than intended from their most recent survey that probes the current active players’ stance on upcoming games in 2023 and how a good portion will move on / play this game less and less.

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Did you know that those surveys are like that always lmao? they always ask for other games you are clueless

very few mats

its current content and its very easy to hone, of course they arent going to give you a lot

one Ancient Gold Coin that means 1000 silver

you can buy this infinitely and it seems to be VERY easy to stock up on these tickets

no Legendary selection card pack

this one is fair wtf, not even one is very sadge indeed

10 pheons/ week

we have the frog and he will very likely kill inflation, making it cheaper to buy pheons, so its understandable why they aren’t giving as much, we also have fever time.

3 weekly Una Tasks completion tickets?

kinda fair its odd how they give less now than before