Anniversary Update


The anniversary is in less than three weeks, and we still have no info regarding any special events, fanart contests or other fun stuff they could have prepared. If for the anniversary we’ll only get Rowen it would be a huge disappointment honestly, do y’all think they’ll prepare anything nice?


you know what is a dissapointment aswell ? that people always want more than what they get

its begging

you know how people gets teated in the real world while begging ?

with disgust

be happy that we have almost no disconnects , thats enough for you

i love pvp i will gank people in rowne the whole day … i hope i catch you and dissappoint you more


lel be happy we have no dc? xD we had that for weeks yes good job at finaly they fixed it still some but not too many. i dont want to beg for anything i just want a working game. but if you see what they give on anniversary on kr they give tons of stuff i hope we got some too. probably a troll post or you have something serious go to a doctor.


Yeah it doesn’t DC anymore, now only game crashes straight to the desktop wallpaper. :clown_face:


what’s disappointing is you whining about something that’s in 3weeks. Let them work on their own pace

If we don’t get community skin contest just like in korea its fine just give us the same skins they have received, my take on this is totally not biased and I am totally not a gunslinger main praying for underbooba skin cough cough


Why should i be happy ifnit disconnects twice a day and not 10? I should actually be pissed if it disconnects me once a day or once a week. It is not my job to keep servers running fine it s theirs.

How in the world people should be thankful about other people not doing a proper job is basement mentality. Get outta it.


What is likely to happen is you gonna get absolutely destroyed by any whale while trying to do so, eventually ending up being the crybaby you call out him to be, or even better quitting

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if you order something from amazon

and it says shipping date will be mid february

do you complain 3 weeks in advance at the customer service , that they be better give you something extra , because its then anniversary ?

thats bad behaviour , or like i said, its begging for more than you “paid” for ( or not because its still a f2p game )

not sure what your going on about but this hole game is a dissapointment since it’s pay to win and even when you throw money at this game it’s still not worth it since Honing/Facet’s system is pretty much trash ore to overpriced items which none of it is worth it.

DC’s shouldn’t even happen to begin with but yeah Amazon isn’t one of the brightest…

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You literally are REALLY bad at making examples. These are completely different things.

The right example would be if amazon tells me there gonna be a huge offer on some selection of stuff at mid february, without telling me which categories/things.

3 weeks maybe no, but within 2 weeks i would surely like to know what am i expecting to look forward to.

This is a concrete example.

In the case of an order mid feb i already know what im getting and i have paid for it.
That would mean knowing whats coming for annniversary in advance thus legitimating op request.


we get Rowen

but they offered nothing to the annyversary thats the whole point

you guys already speculating about things noone knows

and telling people, that it better be good things othersise im disappointed is one of the worst behaviours customer wise

this is like acting like a Karen.

this game is for free , we have nothing to expect

and dont forget , if you buy something with real money , its not yours! its still property from AGS and smilegate , you just bought the service to use it

Reminds me of a ton of Lesser MMOs doing better than this.


Here’s x30 Pheonix Plume. Be happy with that and dont ask for anything else.


How thick can you be?

This was an example proving your stupid example…stupid, it wasnt pointing out to what we re getting by feb lmao

I can already tell you that any other company would already hinted/stated whats coming.

Fact they didnt can end up in 2 possible ways:

-they giving almost nothing thus pissing off people

-they giving a shiton of convenience hence knowing a lil earlier might get players to save gold/resources they might spend prior to anniversary. Which would piss off people (see unannounced pheon change coming so soon in eu/na)

In the end its all about mere curiosity for players and good advertizement/care for player from the devs.

It s better to have people curious and let them know things - meaning the game is healty and players care for it

Then not giving a f on either sides - which usually kills the game

For some reason I feel like we will get:
100 pheon
yet another mokoko skin (or any KR anniversary skin)
battle item chests * N
leg card selection pack * 1

These are the items that players want the most and AGS don’t have to spend any time thinking about any interesting event :rofl:


we probably wont ever have an anniversary skin concept art competition cause SG would prolly just straight up not implement them into our game. Im actually quite certain we will be getting the 1 year anniversary skins from KR, which would basically be 4 year old skins at this point. Its gonna be another kick in the face of every western player haha, gonna be fun

Dude, chill. No need to blow your top off. So you look at beggars with disgust - wow, that really says alot about you. And that is something you said.

Also, if you are so brave and you’re gona be so awesome in pvp, why not post your server so that we can have fun with you on opening day, you big bad keyboard warrior.


Any gifts from the team for Christmas? - #4 by Roxx there you go, now stop posting whatever is in your head of yours that you dont know.

what is this

i made an example , you say its bad and stupid , i point out that your correction is even worse and then you say , its not what you meant…

but they dont , never did in the last 11 month since western release.

also even in KR sometimes they get only 2 days beforehand information.
thats how Smilegate handle things

if you or me like it or not , thats how they handle things.
is it good , thats debateble , but in the end noone will here our voice

they made so much profit from the western version, even when its goes offline tomorrow , the owned from Smilegate and AGS made their money from it.

als there what we have here now is just a fraction of milking customers
the money was made

they dont have to care of their customers anymore

its a cost efficiency calculation

you see it with the bots and the dc´s , they value how much it is worth to invest got get more or stay even