Anniversary Update

For anniversary, you will get gatekept non stop in brel hard. That’s about the best you’ll get.

I wouldn’t be surprised if AGS reads this post and says “shit… forgot about this one”.

They provided a roadmap and Rowen is our anniversary update :rofl:

Let’s see if they scramble something together in the next week

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We shud be getting some extra info tomorrow or next tuesday, it’s still a while till the anniv hits our servers.

im sure they will have some good stuff stored for it.

Patience my friends.

Do you consider it begging when your dog assumes you are going for a walk, after you tell your dog that you are going for a walk? We were promised all the ‘cool stuff’ for anniversary.

Of course people are going to be expectant.

Maybe anniversary event will be moved on march with QoL Update…

This thread took a pretty aggressive turn between some folks, so friendly reminder to respect each other and be kind.

We’ll have more to share about the anniversary update as we get closer to it; the January update released less than a week ago, so we’re moving one step at a time.


Will do Mommy!

Destroyers rejoice. : r/lostarkgame


The january update is not sufficient content. Incase your teams wern’t already aware…

People are not satisfied with Q1 roadmap, nor content cadance, nor class cadance.

As far as most players are literally concerned, there is 4 months of nothing until Brel HM and Artist.

Ppl want to know what’s in an update in only 3 weeks time because it is our versions first anniversary and there should be some hype around this leading up to the first year of launching in the west.

For other games you(we) know what content is coming down to specific details in the next month on a regular basis, let alone 1st anniversary events/content where its like a 2 month spread with content/events leading up to it, and during/after it.


The bar is so low that people praise that you don’t dc, stockholm syndrome at its finest. :clown_face:


Rowen is a dead continent.

Nobody pvp’s as it is, nobody goes to PvP islands unless they have to. Rowen has literally nothing you need to do for PvE/horizontal gains and ppl will play it for the first week then never come back. The entire place is skippable, BTW

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Not true. What do you call Blue Protocol? kek

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if you guys are able to fix all the broken shit within the game like disconnect, weekly lockout and have a smooth running game for anniversary, i’m completely fine with that, the best reward I can fucking ask for.

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Lol yea right, keep dreaming.

You forgot to say that “it’s a slap in the face”… LOL

That’s going to be a hot mess.

AGS have published 2 games, New World, Lost Ark. For the first years of both of these games, they had almost parallel, ongoing/constant issues.

It doesn’t even matter if BP is good fundamentally (Like how New World + Lost Ark are both good games, seriously) there will be a multitude of ways that the experience for players and service from the game release will be awful for many, many months.

That doesn’t even cover the woke aspect that AGS want delve into with a anime/manga art style inspired game. I can somewhat get Artist censorship and the skin color tones change (although I still dislike even them doing that in the first place, btw) in a game like Lost Ark because of the realism of graphics. However for a pure anime/manga art style game, that REALLY is not going to sit well with the community that want to play BP.

If BP also gets the same treatment as Lost Ark and NW I hope no one will do business with AGS anymore. On the third game you deal and still make the same mistakes, you don’t deserve to be in the industry again and you deserve to go bankrupt.


It already is, the BP community is not happy about it either.

Time will tell if the servers/ban systems will hold, but I doubt it.

New world had an awful ban system, many false bans, different but similar to how bans happened at start of lost ark. We’ve had like what, 3-4 occurences of mass ban waves of innocent players just for LA.

Both NW and LA had shit servers for a year after release, LA still does…

I could legit make a list of 50+ occurences/items that have failed/been disastorous between these two MMORPGS tbh


They’ve been spreading themselves too thin quite aggressively. I actually think the 4-month cadence was too much time allotted just for SG to edit some base armor and skins. Grabbing more IP’s to publish certainly contributes to the “development schedule” roxx was talking about

Maybe, but I did read somewhere that AGS, just the studio, had 1billion dollars pumped into it yearly by Amazon, this is without revenue, which is the same amount for the entirety of all smilegate divisions (not just smilegate rpg) for their yearly revenue.

So they should be able to handle it.

But it’s quite clear, there is some very incompentent members at AGS because they have failed at multiple things, numerous times, not just for LA and NW, but previous unfinished projects too that have been dead in the water.

I personally don’t give Amazon as a whole long… they are kind of losing grip on stuff. If you look at their share prices, they are the lowest they’ve been since 2018/19. And from media and staff layoffs across the board, they aren’t growing, they are shrinking…

You would think, e-commerce and web services aside, with 2 mmorpgs released under your name, Lord of the rings sequel, etc, that should add equity, but all you can see is decline.