Anniversary Update

isnt Rowen a fun Gift ?

but yeah better complain now , thats its good ( for everyone ) that not a single player will be dissapointed

Not sure if serious. You are joking, right?

as i said on my first post he is trolling or he has some serious problem.

im not trolling im waiting for month that Rowen gets released

i like pvp i like open pvp

im stacked with pvp cardset 5x3 pvp engraving and perfect accsessory and hopefully got my 1560 ilvl to hit hard with my Bard

So delivering predictable roadmap content is now considered “fun gift”. You can’t be serious, there’s no way.

for me Brel release was is fun aswell… i love my summoner aswell

perhaps some of you have just too much expectation , and the worst part is you discuss that dissapointment beforhand it happened

can you just read the very first thread of the article? the guy said that we just have no info regarding the anniversary,then stated that IF there will be nothing it will then be a dissapointment.
You used that word more than anyone here.

be happy with not having disconnects? Bro is 2023 XD that should be normal in every game :smiley: i mean i get it is not ok to beg for stuff, but is normal to ask the same thing that other regions had and have… You’re completly wrong here

It’s clear you don’t know what a “gift” is, or maybe you have no idea what is going on here. Now you are talking about how you think Brel was fun and how you like summoner, it seems you are kinda lost.


They better have anniversary skins lined up and ready for us.

Vollfos is a Troll, I have ignored him since X months. Simply mute him and enjoy life. Stop feeding the troll. He just growths and soon cant exit from the basement.

3 Feathers and 10 Vitameow as a thank you for continuing to play

If u want good marketing,events and some good stuff,i recomend u play RU o KR,its better play with 150,200 ms instead of this trash version,anniversary in 2 weeks and still no info,no eventos,nothing…like always,this publisher just want take money

For anniversary, you will get gatekept non stop in brel hard. That’s about the best you’ll get.

I wouldn’t be surprised if AGS reads this post and says “shit… forgot about this one”.

They provided a roadmap and Rowen is our anniversary update :rofl:

Let’s see if they scramble something together in the next week

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We shud be getting some extra info tomorrow or next tuesday, it’s still a while till the anniv hits our servers.

im sure they will have some good stuff stored for it.

Patience my friends.

Do you consider it begging when your dog assumes you are going for a walk, after you tell your dog that you are going for a walk? We were promised all the ‘cool stuff’ for anniversary.

Of course people are going to be expectant.

Maybe anniversary event will be moved on march with QoL Update…

This thread took a pretty aggressive turn between some folks, so friendly reminder to respect each other and be kind.

We’ll have more to share about the anniversary update as we get closer to it; the January update released less than a week ago, so we’re moving one step at a time.


Will do Mommy!