Anniversary Update

People in the business of making games are there to make money, nothing else. They don’t care how bad the publisher ruins the game, as long as it prints, game devs will continue to look towards AGS. It doesn’t help that AGS has the infrastructure and reach already in place so it makes life easier.

Chill, its a joke about ags having another game whilst not even handling their existing ones not working properly. Jesus christ its so weird i have to explain this

it wasn’t targeted at you at all, just stating that this other upcoming game is mediocre at best aswell :slight_smile:

I play 2 chars max, daily 1 tbh, when artist comes i’ll just swap main, so there is no hone alts or farming matts really because i’ve got stuff for my 1 char…

Hope the latest balance patch is included

Oh yeah, I am not mad we don’t have huge updates every month. My only gripe is with the Class Release. I would prefer 3 months instead of 4. 2 months is not enough anyway in today’s ecosystem to prepare for a class if you wanna bring it to Brel G1-G2 first week. Tho it arrives at Brel gimped cuz it has no relic stuff. So…yeah. 4 months turn into 6 months on fast honing, daily grind on that character for combat level, and set bonuses + gold/pheons/books if you don’t p2w.
SO that’s why I would’ve preferred 3 instead of 4 months so I can actually play Artist as she was intended in around 3 to 4 months time instead of 6 +.

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