Announcing tripod update the day before it is implemented is NOT okay

The date is Sept. 27. You feel a cool wind hit you as the hair on the back of your head stands up. You check Lost Ark Reddit to see if the update notes are in. You notice the upvote/downvote is at 0 (b/c reddit won’t show how many negative votes there are). “hmmm” you say to yourself as your throat involuntarily gulps.

You scroll through the updates and see it. “Heroes of Arkasia we are really excited to announce we are adding the tripod update tomorrow! Enjoy your day! heh” You begin to sob uncontrollably as you turn to dust and float away…


there is no update to announce

I have my tripods bought from a while ago but if this happens i can only laugh, our common sense says “0 chance it happens at this point” but current lost ark record says otherwise.

am i the only one that thinks they are holding that and the KR balance patch off till Oct so they have some content for the the October update?


their post indicate NO signs of tripod update.

all we are getting is

cuckul saydon

expecting anything else despite the facts being right in front of you shows you may need professional help.

It’s gonna happen.

All I am expecting is disappointment

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This is highly likely the case, several QoL things, the tripod update, Relic set adjustments etc will likely come in October as there’s no shot we see brel or a class in October. So we likely see a small continent and mostly QoL and balance changes.

tripods more likely october see you on the next roadmap

Oh to be a sweet innocent young lad again. You must be new here. Check this reddit post I made before they ninja added in the global honing buff and everyone was 100% sure they wouldn’t do that. I also reference the stronghold buff which they said they weren’t adding then ninja did.

I think this is the likely scenario

It gives people a chance to do Kukul without the balance patch, then once the initial few weeks go by then it should hit (along with the Tripod update, which would give plenty of forewarning to prepare)

Would also go well with the announcement of the next roadmap for next few months

Ontop of October probably being a bit barren (probably besides a Halloween event) for people to do Kukul

It makes 100% sense, but if it 100% happens is another issue lol

Then should announce there is no update to announce so we know there’s no announcement.

Thanks for bringing this up! I’ll let the team know that the Tripod update is important to you!


have you considered buying your tripods today or tomorrow or yesterday or literally any time other than the day before the patch? theres nothing stopping you you know

buy them now, wait and reap or don’t and weep.

They just answered this question again today. They will let us know as soon as they know. Sounds like a good answer to me.

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Oh, you are optimistic about it, i was thinking maybe Xmas?

As a player that is in the MMO world since 2005 (yea, i am that old), the word soon means not-anytime-soon or we-dont-know-or-care-but-will-lie-about-it.

Japan and Russia are getting both in October, Russia in fact gave a 2 month heads up.
So we will probably get it in October as well

Makes sense. I expect the announcement in the next roadmap that will be coming next week.