Annoying boss mechanics

Sadly there are so many. For example lets take Nightfox Yoho, why does he need a melee spinning attack that happens over and over that you nearly cant avoid, you have to anticipate to avoid it but he also does it sometimes even each ~10 seconds or whatever, its stupid as melee class. Sure when Iam on my Sorc, Artillerist or whatever other ranged class I dont care.

Or Yoho / Igrexion having dmg. reduce mechanics, you just can sit there and wait until its over, its boring and doesnt add anything to the fight, well only annoyance. So why is it even there ?

This isnt about hard or easy, I beat these bosses each day over and over on multiple classes, its about ANNOYANCE.

Overall I think all the bosses in the game are OVERLOADED with abilities. Lets take for example armored Nacrasena, dashing. jumping back and sprinting back like a “moron”, lighting, disappearing and whatever else, its just stupid and annoying. Do I beat the boss ? Of course but its an annoying fight and therefore not fun.

Cutting back some of the abilities like dmg. reduce and melee spinning attacks (I think Levanos has the same mechanic, they repeat these annoying mechanics on bosses over and over) would make these battles just more fun and less annoying.

Is it harder for new players to play against these mechanics ? Sure, but if the bosses are just routine it only adds annoyance.

Also that bosses disappear over and over like Dark Legoros /zZzzZZzZzZZzz, its just annoying sorry but it is. What does it add the to fight ? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Then overall counter abilities should given more time to react. For example on my Artillerist if I want to counter lets say Yoho there i no way I can do it even if I anticipate the counter ability of Yoho because my counter skill is too slow, how is that fun for the player ? Dark Legoros for example is fair in my opinion in how much time is given to you to counter his abilities, sadly same cant be said for many other fights.

Well I guess /rant off.

Yoho is one of the easiest bosses in the game tho…


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Sounds like a skill issue to me.

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Of course you didnt understand what I was saying, didnt expect anything else do be honest …

And what did you expect?
Something like: reduce yoho dmg, delete yoho abilities?

Yoho fox dosnt need nerfs. Even on required ilvl is easy af.
Idk if you killed Velganos yet ,but that is 100 times harder than yoho.

Yoho seems like a toy compared to him.

Igrexion was easy too but sadly its 1340

YES delete his dmg. reduce mechanic. What does it add to the fight ? You just sit there and wait until its over, how is it a skill issue ? You people didnt even read and understand what I was saying /sigh …

So why not ask for every boss mechanic to be removed so you can just sit there and hit a stone that doesn’t react back?
Ask for vykass mechanics to be removed. And add a new mechanic: boob slap. You slap her booba ubtil she dies.

Gaslighting at its finest …

[quote=“crusher152, post:9, topic:424874, full:true”][quote=“UsernameNotFound, post:8, topic:424874, full:true”]
So why not ask for every boss mechanic to be removed so you can just sit there and hit a stone that doesn’t react back?
Ask for vykass mechanics to be removed. And add a new mechanic: boob slap. You slap her booba ubtil she dies.

Gaslighting at its finest …

Sorry but im just amazed since nobody never complained about something like that. Its just unimaginable. Specially yoho.

TLDR for future readers: “I’m too lazy to participate in boss mechanics in a video game, they should all be removed because I said so.”


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Where did I claim that the bosses are hard ? Currently Ive beat every boss including legion raids with RANDOMS, its not about hard but some annoying abilities.

For example Dark Legoros he is disappearing from all the bosses the most, its not hard just annoying and it doesnt add anything to the fight. But of course you people try to gaslight like its about Iam saying these bosses are too hard and needs to be nerfed therefore, that wasnt even my point …

Those mechanics are annoying and wasting extra time yes I agree with you. But those are what makes the Guardian Raids less boring and somewhat abit more challenging. Guardian raids would be very boring if the boss is just a walk in a park with a 2 mins run. If anything I wish that we only have to do 1 Guardian / Chaos per day to save 10 mins since I got 6 chars to do

Just dont get hit by the darkness. Thats all.
He jumps backwards then spits in a cone in front. And drops rain balls. Thats everything he does. Incredible.

Hey look Iam all for longer fights, but Iam not for annoying mechanics.

No he also disappears over and over, its so /zZZzZzZZZzz. And does that mechanic add difficultly to the fight ? No it doesnt.

It makes it unique. He lurks in shadows, in darkness.

At least he have that since all bosses are juat copy paste of each other with a small twist.
Chronamiun, yoho, narcasena, the bird, vertus, legoros. Copy paste each tier.

Tell me you’ve never used battle items without telling me you’ve never used battle items. Probably have hundreds of selection chests just sitting in your storage.

Use pheromones, problem solved.

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