Annoying P2W Players

If this happens to you, I’ll let you know that you’re not alone. These pricks keep complaining about my engravings everytime.

The Engravings that I need

20 golden engravings books (Super Charge)
Price: 1.187 gold each
Total: 23.740 gold

20 golden engravings books (Grudge)
Price: 4.800 each
Total: 96.000 gold

20 golden engravings books (Surge)
Price: 599 each
Total: 11.980

20 golden engravings books (Adrenaline) This one I didn’t even get the first ones (green, blue and purple)

Price:1.688 each
Total: 33.760

Conclusion: HOW IN EARTH AM I SUPPOSE TO FARM ALL THAT GOLD??? Can you stupid p2w players do it for me? NO? Then SHUT UP!


Buy 1 or 2 each week, you’ll get there eventually. I finally got my +12 Igniter yesterday. Now to slowly work towards +12 All-Out-Attack. Both of these books costs 2k to 2.5k per book.


What region are you playing on? NAE - Grudge is 12k per book.

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SA server

That’s what I’m gonna do. There’s also 2 more characters that I am upgrading.

you dont need any of these books at legendary currently


Why are you buying all 4 engraving books? You can only have 2 engravings equipped at a time.


The books are way overpriced now because it’s hard to get. Once we get more high level content, legendary books will be common. If you watch any KR streamers, you’ll see their inventory are full of them.

I suggest you get the cheaper skills one. Don’t go for Grudge legendary books, it’s not worth it for now.

Desirable legendary books still have value in KR.
They are completely unecessary now though to do any of the content in the game.
It’s just a longterm goal to attain and other content in the game will award more books.

You can gain additional Engraving effects from Accessories and Ability Stone, so once you have your formally 2x equipped Engravings at Rank 3, you can work on additional Engravings; eg if you had +12 natural Grudge from books, you just need any accessory to be +1 Grudge and you get it, even without it being equipped in your Engraving slots


Tbf SA prices are so goddamn low that u can get that gold eventually. Grudge is 12k on NAE. I was from SA too, but cosmetics and crystals prices sucks.

How to 3/3/3/3:
6/6 Stone + 9/9 Book engraving
5x 3/3 accessory

Budget 3/3/3/(1)
6/6 Stone + 9/9 Book engraving
5x 3/whatever accessory

No need for legendary. Especially as surge blade super charge is just a budget option and isn’t considered „good“ in endgame.



This is an alarming mindset, nobody needs Legendary tier engraving books right now. I have 4 level 15 engravings on only purple books. For accessories, select an engraving that isn’t “top tier” and you will get well over 90% of the efficiency for a fraction of the cost. When vetting stats/engravings I really only look for a handful of red flags. What engravings and combat stats are you running now?


Just don’t buy it and whine in Forum to don’t make engravings necessary

Why do people obsess (not talking about you OP but the people you are talking about) over engravings like that? I could understand if the content required every single player to min-max but it doesn’t so it’s just people basically measuring their e-peen and mocking others if theirs is smaller. Someone that has a competent build while not min-maxed is still going to be effective.

Online games sure can be the worst if you come into contact with some of the cretins that play them.


you don’t even need gold books for 4x3, stop finding excuses for your being lazy at the game. plenty f2p players have 4x3 engravings with correct stats.

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Be thankful, same thing on my server is more than double of that price lol

Events should also include legendary books but seems they want peoples to get rippedoff on the market instead

There’s no excuse, sir. I do know there’s no need to maximize them all, but people from my server are “dumb” let’s say that way. I’m sorry, but that’s the best way I found out to describe them all.

I didn’t even use legendary engraving on Remaining Energy and it’s maximized, because of my whole status